How to Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast After the Kids Move Out
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How to Start Your Own Bed and Breakfast After the Kids Move Out

Depending on where you live, your home could be the perfect venue to start up your very own bed and breakfast. Whether you want to register yourself as a bed and breakfast in your own right, or just rent out the extra rooms on a site like Airbnb, it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that by opening your home up to guests, you can occupy your time, bring in a healthy income, and meet people from all around the world. After your children move out, there is never a better time to start! All you need to do is:


Get Planning Permission

The first step to starting a bed and breakfast on your property is to get the permission from your local government. It will include getting a business license, a zoning license, and all necessary permits beforehand. Converting your space into a bed and breakfast, after all, is pointless if you cannot do so legally. The exact zoning permissions you will need will depend entirely on where you are located. Some municipalities will mark your business under a residential business, and you will be well on your way to getting started, whereas others will consider your business a commercial enterprise, in which case you will need to undergo more paperwork and planning.

Renovate Your Guests’ Space

Once you are legally all set to start running your bed and breakfast, it is time to renovate the spaces your guests will be using. What this will mean mostly is that you will need to pack up your children’s old rooms and move out their personal belongings to storage. Once that is done, neutralize the rooms so that they are harmonious and comfortable. It could mean getting a new mattress and new sheets, or it could mean repainting. Either way, the better the design, the more guests will book with you.

Create a Menu

As a bed and breakfast, you will often want to offer breakfast or other meals included with the room or for a price. Create a menu beforehand so that you can manage stock and work out recipes that are popular with the majority. This could mean setting up for a continental breakfast, or it could mean offering a sit-down breakfast for your guests to enjoy.

Create Your Branding

The more official your bed and breakfast looks, the more comfortable your guests will be. That is why the design, cleanliness, and branding are so important. You could get your logo printed on custom pint glasses, for example, for an added touch that your guests will appreciate. The best part is that buying these personalized pint glasses is not a huge expense. When you buy pint glasses in bulk, the costs are very manageable, allowing you to benefit from the personalized, professional touch.


Finally, all that is left is to post your new bed and breakfast online. You can do this on multiple sites, from Airbnb and beyond. Just remember to be careful that you don’t double book, and get started on your new at-home enterprise.  

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