How to Perfect Your Photobooth Look
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How to Perfect Your Photobooth Look

When the word gets out that an upcoming social event has a photobooth, the anticipation grows. Spending time with friends and family is fantastic, but it’s even better when you can get silly with the photobooth and walk away with treasured memories. As the countdown begins on your next photobooth event, consider how perfecting your look could make it even more exciting.

Do the rounds with the props

Anyone who has been to an event or two knows that photobooth hire is only as good as the props. They allow you to take on as many personas as you like, and they diversify your photos so that each one is funnier than the last. And while the moustache or big lips may be a personal favourite – switch it up! If you want to get especially creative, you can even swap jackets or accessories with your friends, but remember that countdown doesn’t last long so snap to it! You never know what will become your favourite prop combination if you don’t try them all.

Be flexible with the photobooth type

Ok, so you know there will be a photobooth present at your next soiree – but what kind? The modern day photobooth landscape is changing, offering your traditional variety, Instagram printers, GIF booths and mirror booths. If some of these types are new to you, then it’s definitely time you had a look around to see just what is possible with photobooth hire. Knowing what photobooth to expect, or even to book yourself, will add to the excitement so choose one that is guaranteed to delight.

Consider your outfit

This may be something you hadn’t yet considered – what should you wear for your photobooth shenanigans? Colour for photography is always preferable, as you will pop out in the photo and it tends to play off well against the bright photobooth props. Be careful wearing all white or all black, as you may blend into the backdrop – and where is the fun in that? Some photobooths have backdrops and sometimes they are open-air and use a wall or curtain that is available to them at the venue. If possible, see if you can wear something bright or patterned to give you some dimension in your pictures.

Make it inclusive

There is nothing more fun than getting some snaps with your nearest and dearest. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t spread the love and go for some large group photos. This will cut down on the photobooth lines, as there are more people posing together at any given point. It’s also a great momento to hold on to and make copies for the host who will cherish those happy moments forever. If one or more of you share these pictures to social media, even better! Get in more fun photos by involving everyone in the action.

Commemorate the event

Did you know that you can use more than just your silly faces to commemorate an event? When you book your photobooth, you can send in a logo or a few lines text to be printed on the photo strip. Think: ‘Sam & Claire tie the knot’ or ‘Happy 21st Emma’. This stamps a precious moment in time, eliminating the chance of you or your attendees forgetting where and under what circumstance this fun occured. It’s also great for brand awareness if your photobooth is for a corporate or company event.


There is unlimited fun that comes with photobooth activity, the hardest part is getting all the photos you want in the time you have allocated. Now you don’t want to take all the spontaneity out of the experience, but it’s always worth spending a few moments considering the configurations and chaos that you can create.

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