Organization · June 22, 2022 0

How to Master Weekly Meal Planning

Weekly meal planning involves sitting down on one day of the week and planning and prepping your meals for the next seven days. You could plan for a longer or shorter duration as well if that suits you. The goal should be to create a system that is effective and that you enjoy. Being organized will be extremely helpful here. Creating a meal plan that tells you what you are eating for each meal can make a huge difference to your weekly diet. Here are a few tips to help you master meal planning and save it from becoming another boring chore:

Get Creative with Recipes

If you use the same recipes week after week, you will eventually get bored of them. You should always leave room to improvise or try new things. Spending a few more minutes finding unique recipes will help to keep your meals fresh and ensure that you have no trouble sticking to your weekly meal plans.

Shopping Lists

If you are struggling to create a detailed meal plan, this meal plan template is easy to follow. Once your meal plan is ready, you should work on a shopping list. This will save you time when you are at the grocery store. Knowing exactly what you need to buy and in what quantities will also ensure you do not start browsing or buying unnecessary things.


Sometimes, leftovers from one meal can easily be turned into another meal. As you get better with meal planning, you will realize that if you plan your calendar in a certain way, you will be able to create multiple meals in the week using just leftovers. This is a great way to save time and ensure nothing goes to waste. Even if you do not want to use the leftovers in the next meal, you can freeze them and use them the next day. It’s all about the planning.

Strategic Freezing

When it comes to meal planning, the freezer is your best friend. Sauces, soups, stews, and a bunch of other things can be made in large batches and then frozen for later use. Some things can last for as long as a month. It is all about buying the right ingredients and making the right meal plan. Just try n not to over stuff the freezer and you should be good to go.

Manage Your Pantry

When your pantry is well-stocked, you will be able to cook meals quicker and more easily. Running out of something right when you need it is inconvenient to say the least. Using the right spices can be the difference between a great chicken cacciatore and something that tastes nothing like it. Also, you should never run out of fresh herbs or lemon. 

Cook In Advance

There are certain parts of your meals that you can cook in advance. For example, you could roast a chicken for dinner one night and then use it throughout the week for pastas or sandwiches. This will save a lot of time while cooking during the week. 

As long as you are not all over the place with your weekly meal planning, it can be quite effective in ensuring you save time and eat healthy. If you are struggling to get into a routine or maintain a healthy diet, planning in advance can make a huge difference. Start by trying to plan your meals a day in advance. Once you get the hang of that, try planning two days in advance and so on. Before you know it, you will be planning your weekly meals like a pro.