How to Explore London at Night
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How to Explore London at Night

Millions of people visit England’s capital city every year. Unlike many of Europe’s other capital cities, London is not known for its 24/7 entertainment. There are, however, an increasing range of different things you can do in the capital once the sun has gone down. If you’d rather not head back to your hotel too early, here are some things you might like to do.

  • Ride the London Eye

This is the UK’s most popular tourist attraction and is the second highest public viewing point in London. For the best ticket prices, book online.

  • Visit the Shard

This is the tallest building in Western Europe and is spread over 95 floors. There is a tour you can book that takes you up to some of the highest floors. As well as learning about London’s history you also get to enjoy a 360-degree view of the city.

  • Go to the Theater

If you’ve come to London with your family, you should take the opportunity to enjoy a West End show. There are a wide variety of children’s shows London has to offer. Why not enjoy the spectacle of Disney’s The Lion King or Aladdin, or Matilda The Musical?  

  • Get a Ticket for the Night Bus Tour

How many of London’s landmarks can you name? Many of them are lit up after dark, and you can enjoy their grandeur from the comfort of a double-decker open-top bus. As well as taking in the sights of Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and Piccadilly Circus you also get to hear some interesting facts and amusing stories.

  • Enter a Late-Opening Museum

There are many museums in London that are free to enter and some of these now open regularly after-hours. As well as browsing the exhibitions when there are fewer people you’re also given the opportunity to take part in workshops or listen to talks.

  • Visit the Sky Garden

If you like the idea of urban gardening, you can see it in action at the Sky Garden. These landscaped public gardens cover three floors and are encased in a large glass dome. Space is limited, so you do need to book in advance.

  • Attend the Ceremony of the Keys

Every evening at precisely seven minutes before ten o’clock the ancient ceremony of locking up the Tower of London takes place. It’s been done for 700 years, and while the monarch no longer resides there, it is home to the Crown Jewels and other valuable items. You don’t have to pay, but you do have to book a place well in advance.

  • Walk Around Harrods

You’d need a large amount of money if you want to shop in this famous London store, but just walking around and soaking up the atmosphere is something you can do for free. Twinkly lights guide you when it’s dark and make the experience more magical. The food hall market is one area you really shouldn’t miss.

This is a small selection of the things you can do after dark in London. Just because the sun has gone down doesn’t mean you have to return to your hotel room too early.  

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