How to Be More Tech Savvy: 5 Tips for Parents
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How to Be More Tech Savvy: 5 Tips for Parents

Did you know that 31% of parents in America say their child was younger than two years old when they started using technology? The youngest generation has far more access to technology than any other generation before them. It’s a huge part of their world and how they grow up in it.

It can sometimes make parents feel left behind. As a parent, it’s vital to understand how technology will affect your child. If you want to become more tech savvy to ensure you keep up with your children, here are a few ways you can do it.

Be Interested

If your child is quiet while using a device or playing video games, it can often give parents a chance to catch up with things that are left undone. However, taking the time to express an interest in what your child is doing will help you to understand the relationship your child has with technology. Find out what your child likes to do; whether it’s watching videos, playing games, or listening to music.

As your child gets older, his taste in technology will adapt so it’s important to keep up with those changes too. The good news is, the sooner you start, the less daunting changes will seem. At Adobe, you can easily get acquainted with tons of resources that will make you look like you know what you’re doing.

Get Connected

If your child is using social media or messaging apps to talk to friends, it’s about time you joined in. Not only is it a great way to understand what your child is doing but it’s also a great way to connect with your child. Many parents comment on the fact that teenagers are far more likely to reply to social media messages than phone calls.

So, if your teenager is out and you want some reassurance that he’s safe, it’s often easier to get texting tips and text him instead of calling him.

Set The Tone

As a parent, it’s your responsibility to set some boundaries where technology is concerned. Whether it’s no phones at the dinner table or a time limit on using tablets, your child must know that you make the rules. You also should have access to your child’s devices so you can check on what your child is viewing.

Even if you don’t check regularly, your child knowing that you can will be enough to ensure he is cautious about what he does.

Open Discussion

Your child should know that he can come to you with any problem when it comes to technology. You don’t have to be good with technology and you may not be able to fix all the problems but it will keep the discussion open so you can spot anything unusual or worrying. Ask your child to tell you about all the ways he connects with others on his device so you’ll notice any changes.

Becoming Tech Savvy

Becoming tech savvy is just about having a go. If you want to impress your child, why not turn your video to gif? If you’re having trouble, Adobe can do it all for you. Take a look!

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