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How Social Media Can Negatively Impact Your Married Life

We spend most of our free time on social media and even replace some social activities with virtual interactions. On the one hand, there is nothing strange in following modern tendencies and using technologies for your benefit. On the other hand, the extensive use of social media may harm your family life and make you seek cheap divorce in Oklahoma in the end. Learn more about the negative impact virtual activity may cause on your relationships to avoid unpleasant outcomes and save your marriage. 

You Spend Less Time Together

The biggest issue in the context of social media and marriage is the time the virtual life steals from your relationships. You scroll your newsfeed during breakfast, like photos in-between work sessions, communicate with your online friends before you go to bed. As a result, you spend less qualitative time with your partner. You have neither time nor energy to do something together. It slowly ruins the connection between you two. And soon, the time comes when you feel like strangers and find no reasons to stay married anymore. 

Social Media Replaces Your Partner

If you spend much time online, there is no wonder virtual life starts being your priority. You post what you eat, wear, and think. Comments and likes matter to you more than the reaction of your partner. Your online friends seem to understand and support you better. You have similar interests and concerns. You share everything with your followers and get qualitative feedback from them. What’s the point of sharing it with your spouse? Why waste time discussing your life with your soulmate if you have already created a post with a thousand reactions to it. Here’s how social media starts replacing your partner as your listener and supporter. 

You Compare Your Marriage to Others

You never put Facebook and marriage problems statistics together since it seems that everyone is happy online. Your friends are sharing their family photoshoots, posh gifts from their beloved, romantic evenings to celebrate their anniversary. People tend to display only the best things about their private life, which they can boast about. 

No one shares family arguments, misunderstandings, lack of attention from their spouse, financial troubles. So, it may seem to you that everyone has a perfect marriage, caring partner, and cloudless relationships, but not you. As soon as you start comparing your marriage to someone’s virtual display of relationships, it may become the beginning of the end and lead you to divorce in Oklahoma eventually. 

You Suffer from Self-Esteem Troubles

As well as you lose certainty in your marriage looking up to other’s relationships on social media, you may start feeling insecure with yourself. It may seem that someone is a better housewife, a more sexual and skillful partner, a better-earning husband, a more caring father or mother. All your friends online sharing the best moments of their life and showing off their prevalence will make you feel not good enough for your marriage. Getting angry and disappointed with yourself, you may push the guilt to your partner and opt for a divorce rather than fixing your relationships and your role in them. 

Suspicions and Jealousy Arise

Marriage and social media are always a tricky combination. Your partner will know about your opposite-sex friends, your likes, shares, and all attention you pay to them. And vice versa. You may follow all your spouse’s activities on social media. A friendly interaction may seem suspicious to you. You may not get angry about your partner hugging a friend, but liking their hot picture online may become a serious reason for relationships disorders. The truth is that people are giving too much weight to their virtual lives. At the same time, social media activity makes spouses more suspicious and jealous about each other which may trigger significant family troubles in the end. 

You Get More Possibilities for Infidelity

On the other hand, getting suspicious about your partner spending too much time online is a common reaction. The truth is that infidelity level has raised with spouses having more possibilities and temptations to participate in extramarital relationships online. It is not only about physical betrayal but also about emotional infidelity when your partner is more interested and loyal to a person from social media than you.


All in all, being too involved with social media activities will never bring any advantages to your relationships. Still, it is not the reason to completely cross it out from your life. If you have any concerns about extensive social media use in your family, you’d better discuss it with your partner openly. Then you can create your own rules and borders to protect your private life together and put efforts to improve your real-life interaction instead of investing all your free time and energy online. 

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