How Long Can Baby Use a Car Seat?

All-time fun full trip with a baby…!! Actually, makes life seems different and peaceful. While choosing the right car seat for a baby you consider many points. Yes, that’s parent’s job…!! 

Now, also a baby car seat cannot be used for so long and it will expire. Is it true?? Yes. So the curious question of parents might be how long can you use a car seat?? Parents may believe that only one baby car seat can support their generations but it is not like that.

Yes, car seats also expire. Why??

Baby car seats are mostly made up of a hard and strong plastic which may make your baby car seat grow worse with time. Many factors are responsible for the baby car seat expiration. Let’s check out some of them.

  1. Degeneration of plastic material

Here you can consider some natural factors responsible for your baby car seat destruction. Direct contact with Sun rays, cold, dampness, long ages of plastic used in the car seat, etc. are some reasons. These factors can hinder the longevity of the car seat.

  1. Unavailability of parts used

The manufacturing of particular design and parts used in a car seat may not continue for a long time. If replacement of a car seat or its part is required due to any reason then that particular part may not be available.

3. Corrosion in the car seat

 Corroded part of the car seat, especially the metal one can lead to unsignaled accidents. So keep checking the same regularly.

4. Progress in technology

Developing technology and innovative ideas have made our lives easier. The manufacturer needs to keep pace with recent technology changes and ensure safety measures with time.

How long can you use a car seat??

Most car seats are believed to be expired after 6 or 10 years from the exact date when they are manufactured. Also, expiry of the car seat depends upon the manufacturer that what kind of material is used for manufacturing a particular car seat. 

The car seat can look good from outside but may not be strong enough from inside. Expiration date presented by manufacturers actually gives you the idea that how long your baby can be safe in this car seat. Some popular baby car seat brands have shared information about their car seat expiry dates. Let’s check some of these.

 Britax: White sticker at the bottom includes the expiry of the car seat after 6-10 years of manufacturing. Convertible seats can last until seven years, click tight convertible baby car seats lasts for 10 years.

Safety 1st: Safety 1st will show expiry date on plastic below the car seat with the life of 6-10 years.

 Chicco: Chicco represents expiry date on the white sticker at the bottom of the car seat. It’s infant seat last till 6 years and convertible seats till 8 years.

 Graco: Graco will show expiry date at the bottom with 7-10 years of existence.

Have a look at the expiry date of the car seat of other brands too whenever you purchase it to ensure your little baby’s safety.

Elimination of the expired baby car seat

Want to remove the expired car seat?? Ok, it’s better to remove or recycle seat than storing unnecessary stuff at home. Some stores even offer recycling facility. So you can find out the one quickly with good offers for new car seat also.

Else you can start dismantling it yourself at home. Remove the foam of seat, pad, etc. You can remove the harness and strap. Metal parts should also be removed.  Dismantling is somewhere important so that no one could consider a seat in good condition and pick it up for baby.

Where can you check with car seat expiry date??

You can find car seat expiration date at the bottom of the car seat or on the label on the sides of the car seat. Expiry date actually starts from the date of manufacturing a product and not when you purchased it. Parents also prefer to buy second-hand car seats but remember used sears mean half of the age of car seat is already gone.

Every product has to lapse one day. How long can you use a car seat? Yes, always check the expiry date of the car seat because this time your precious luggage is your baby that cannot be harmed in any way.

Enjoy your journey…!!

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