Home Furniture and their Smart Counterparts
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Home Furniture and their Smart Counterparts


As the modern age advances, so must our everyday gadgets, tools and furniture upgrade in order to help influence lifestyle and convenience. Pretty soon, just about every object is controllable or interconnected. You wouldn’t want to use something that does not collaborate with modernized tools, would you?

However these common tools turned into smart objects are not just about the technology being integrated and then hype about it because it’s labeled “smart”. It also means picking the right products that suits up your lifestyle. Below is a guide on how to smarten up your space. From technology hidden in modern furniture, to commonplace objects able to charge phones, what’s not to love about development?

Contemporary sofas with hidden speakers

There are more modernized sectional couches nowadays that sport lush leather, and recliners adorned with button functions that allows you to adjust the headrest. But what’s latest right now is a sofa with an integrated surround sound unit hidden beneath one of its armrests.

Hidden speakers under modern couches are enough to control audio for the whole living room, office or bedroom. There are also couches with built-in speakers that also come with docking stations for wireless Bluetooth connection. These types of furniture definitely speak minimalism especially if you’re a space saver.


Easy access keyless door locks

Forgot your keys again? That won’t be a problem anymore as there are locks that allow access to your home with a press of a couple of buttons. Your phone can also become an entryway via Bluetooth connection. Better yet, you can control your lock wherever as long as there’s Wi-Fi connection.

Despite smart locks coming with a hefty price tag, it’s not bad to stick with traditional door locks though it might be helpful to keep some useful lockpicking tools in case you’re stuck outside.


Wireless charging side tables


You might have that side table that is used for almost all occasions at your home: Coffee chat with friends, eating dinner with yourself, or getting things seriously as you place your books and read and relax. Considering its small space, having your charger lie around makes it messier. Now you can take appealing photos of your coffee, meal or me-time on Instagram minus the wires with a table that has a laser engraving that is able to charge Qi-enabled devices. It’s best to keep in mind to first check whether your device is Qi compatible. You wouldn’t want to spend money on a useless purchase.


Modern toilets

Japan is best known for their state of the art toilets, with its numerous buttons that astonishes but at the same time makes one frantic when first encountered. Having an in-built bidet is almost common to everyone, but Japanese toilets have unique additional features too including seat-heating and massage options.

However, there are less thought toilet features that are actually helpful. Macerating toilets are very efficient in saving water. You won’t have to worry with every flush you make since it calculates its water usage.


Smart sleep monitoring mattress

The latest sleep technology is built into comfort already. This type of technology comes in many brands, and it’s proven to be very useful for those having sleeping problems.

Smart sleep monitoring mattresses is a well-engineered technology which divides the mattress into particular sections starting from the head, shoulder and down to the legs. This smart sleeping aid also records your weight, shape and pressure profile data to adjust to your preferences automatically. Best of all, selections are customizable depending on the support you want for your body. This also gets your sleeping patterns analyzed too.

Equipping smart is just the move necessary not just for you, but also including your visitors. Just as times are changing, so should you be upgrading (or renovating).  Anything from the simplest to the best-used home objects should be accounted for thoroughly before it is subject to upgrade or replacement. Always remember that practicality should go first before aesthetics. But it’s a deal after all if you found both of those qualities in one.

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