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Here’s How An Orthopedician Can Change Your Life

Have you been dealing with pain for far too long, and home remedies just don’t help with the pain at all? We think it’s time to consider looking for professional help. Of course, we aren’t undermining the power of household treatments for chronic pain, as we all often administer them to ourselves. Still, there are times when taking the next step is necessary, without you even realising so. Keep reading to know more about how orthopedicians can help bring you relief from chronic pain.  

1. They will guide you better

Often, people come into an orthopedic surgeon’s clinic without realising a lot – to begin with, whether they need surgery or not. Most people in extreme pain tend to make drastic decisions, such as thinking they need surgery and then booking appointments. In the case of minor injuries, sprains, and muscle-overuse such as tendinitis, your orthopedician will let you know that you don’t need them, and you could self-medicate yourself with ample rest, ice, and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories. After all, a visit to the orthopedician doesn’t always result in surgery. 

People also get confused between an orthopedic surgeon and an orthopedic specialist. An orthopedic specialist is qualified to diagnose and treat your bone and joint-related ailment without surgery; however, an orthopedic surgeon can operate on you only if you need it. Your doctor, surgeon or specialist, will explicitly advise you and let you know what exactly you need and guide you in the right direction. 

2. They can help you increase your range of motion

Regardless of whether you have had surgery on your affected area, your range of motion is bound to be limited a great deal. Chronic pain, inflammation, injury, and stiffness can cause your range of motion to be very limited, becoming a hindrance to your everyday tasks and lifestyle. Even ordinary things, such as commuting to work, picking something up or walking, can be problematic when in pain. Orthopedic specialists and surgeons would give you mindful practices to do to soothe your pain. They will help in quick rehabilitation, causing you to get your life back on track faster than you imagined. These may include easy exercises, therapy, surgery, etc. 

3. They are a better source for contacts

When you visit an orthopedician, they are always more than willing to give you a list of contacts to get in touch with for relief for your pain and rehabilitation; all you need to do is ask. They can provide you with trust-worthy references for physical therapy, in case you had surgery and are looking for relief, or counselling, if the pain is getting in the way of your life, or sometimes to another specialist for a second opinion. 

4. They help you understand the underlying causes and help you change your lifestyle

Often our chronic pain manifests into something due to our problematic habits and lifestyle. The orthopedician will assess you thoroughly and let you know the root cause of your problem and guide you to possible lifestyle changes that you can adopt to avoid the pain from becoming worse. 

5. They help avoid future injuries

A broken bone, dislocated shoulder or joint, hairline fractures, stress fractures, tendon or muscle injury, and tendon tears are usually not just a one-time thing. If you’ve dealt with this problem once, you are more likely to have it again, especially if you’re an athlete. Orthopedic surgeons can heal you and push you towards specialists such as counsellors, rehabilitation doctors, and pain management specialists to optimize your treatment, increase mobility, reduce pain, and avoid injuries in the future.

If you’ve been in pain for more than two weeks, it is ideal to visit a specialist. Simply look for places that host orthopedic practice in Spokane or somewhere closer to your area and book your visit.