Health First – 6 Important Blood Tests For The Modern Woman
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Health First – 6 Important Blood Tests For The Modern Woman

Your usual routine isn’t letting you focus on your health. The meetings that you have saved in your calendar app seem to take up all your time. You don’t mind that but you should. You need to steer a little from your daily grind to have a closer look at your health. Visit your family doctor. Ask your physician for an annual medical check-up. The following section talks about a few tests that as a modern working woman, you should be getting done regularly. Let’s get you tested:

  1. Complete Blood Count

A complete blood count is important for every woman regardless of her age and profession. Whether you are a homemaker champ or a corporate warrior, You must get this test done because your blood cells can tell you a lot about your overall health. It gives you a list of the micronutrients that your body might be missing out on. Your CBC values can have a big impact on your health and also your longevity. Remember that a low hemoglobin level could be the reason that you feel so fatigued all the time. A low white blood cell count, for example, can result in various infections that you never want to encounter.

Blood Tests
  1. Vitamin Deficiency Test

Most women do not pay attention to the vitamins and minerals profile that they are consuming every day. Do you know that a simple whey protein formula can make a huge difference in your overall nutritional intake? Women do not understand the importance of vitamin D or vitamin B12. They tend to forget a lot of good habits, especially after their first pregnancy. Several women forget to take multivitamins because they are too caught up taking care of their baby or finishing work before their deadlines. This is why a vitamin deficiency check is a must. By doing that, you can detect calcium depletion in its early stages. You can prevent osteoporosis and skin-related problems as well.

  1. Screen You For Blood Pressure

Blood pressure and hypertension are used interchangeably. These are not symptoms you would want to exhibit ever. You should start checking your blood pressure levels at the early age of 18. Remember that the ideal blood pressure level for women is 120/80. Anything that deviates from this should be alarming. If you get a high blood pressure reading, you are taking too much stress and you must calm down.

  1. Hormone Blood Tests

These tests are capable of revealing a lot about a woman’s health. You will be able to identify whether you are facing any fertility problems or not. They can also signal you when your menopause is going to set in. Women can benefit a lot from hormone testing with clear results because it also allows them to find out whether their medication is working or not. If you suffer from thyroid or diabetes, for example, you must get a panel done every year. Blood tests for your hormonal imbalance will include several key hormones such as:

  • Thyroid hormones 
  • Estrogen 
  • Progesterone 
  • Follicle-stimulating hormone 
  • Testosterone
  1. Get Your Lipid Panel Done

Do you know what a lipid panel is? It can be understood by what it measures. This is a test that identifies what amount of cholesterol runs through your blood. It identifies the type of fat that is contained in your bloodstream. This panel usually studies the following:

  • Total cholesterol count 
  • High-density lipoprotein which is your HDL and which is also called good cholesterol
  • The total count of triglycerides in your blood 
  • Low-density lipoprotein which is the LDL and sometimes called the bad cholesterol

Remember, a high count of LDL is never a good reading.

When going for a lipid panel, your physician will ask you to fast for at least 8 hours. This is because your triglycerides can increase after you have eaten. This results in a false reading which you don’t want.

  1. Blood Glucose Levels

Have you been keeping a track of your blood glucose levels? Women tend to become very prone to symptoms of diabetes after the age of 45. This is to say that if you are about 45, you are probably a potential patient for diabetes which is not good. You must focus on keeping your blood sugar level in check from the day you enter your 30s.

Health Is Your Priority  

If after reading this blog, your health doesn’t become more important to you, maybe it’s time to rethink your priorities. These tests are essential because they keep you updated on your health and critical vitals. So, let’s get you tested.

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