Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water
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Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

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Everyone drinks water, whether it is for quenching your thirst or maybe because it is a healthy alternative to soda. Some of us go to the tried and true tap for our drinking water. Although, it is a more convenient and more affordable alternative to bottled water or a water filter. It does have its downsides. Some chemicals and bacteria could be lurking in your drinking water.

Chemicals and Bacteria Removal

It is nice to have tap water available to you right in your kitchen. Although, this comfortable option could contain contaminants, bacteria, and can have an undesirable odor. A way you can avoid drinking ‘bad’ water is by installing a water filter. They can last up to 6-months and you can rest easy knowing your family is drinking clean water. There are different ways to get filtered water than a water filter that you install in your fridge and other attachments on your tap.

Stand Alone Water Filter Units

stand-alone water filtration unit
1.) You can use a stand-alone water filtration unit that can be separate from your other water sources. Be mindful; these units can make the water very alkaline, which is great for you to maintain a healthy balance of PH in your body. (alkalinity and acidity) Experts, however, have their questions whether too much high PH water can affect the acid in your stomach. These can last anywhere from 3-12 months and each unit can be quite costly but effective. They can cost anywhere from $200 to $1000 for good ones that can filter fluoride, radiation, heavy metals, chemicals, and micro-sediments.

Water Filter Pitchers

Brita water filter pitcher
2.) Some pitchers like the Brita filter can filter water as it flows through its activated carbon cartridge at the top. The Brita filter is an affordable option but only last for about 40 gallons or 2-months. The Brita filter can remove chlorine taste, odor, zinc, and many other contaminants and cost $20 – 50 depending on where you buy them.

Bottled Water

3.) When looking at bottled water, you can find affordable options depending on the quality of water you are looking to get. It seems the more affordable, the more acidic the water is and when you get to the more expensive water like Essentia & Fiji, you could be spending upwards of $3 a bottle. If you drink a bottle a day, that equates to around $90 a month.

refrigerator water filter
Ultimately, we favor more towards installing a quality water filter that can remove just as much as the other alternatives and last for half a year or filter up to around 200 gallons of water. They can be quite affordable as well with costing approximately $50 for 3 of them.

Filtered Water Helps Improve Your Skin

Not everyone has the perfect skin. However, there are ways everyone can improve his or her skin. Staying hydrated can be a task for some with the recommended daily intake around eight glasses of water per day. The benefits of doing so, however, can be very beneficial for your skin.

Skin that is properly hydrated is healthy, radiant, and has fewer blemishes. If you are drinking plenty of water, it can also help with headaches and other ailments by being dehydrated. The simple act of drinking water is not enough, the bacteria and other contaminants can cause blemishes to appear. Many people suffer from acne due to the foods and sugary drinks that we consume. Filtered water can flush the bacteria out that causes outbreaks of acne.

Water Is Essential To Living

This one should be pretty obvious to everyone. Our bodies are mainly composed of water, and we need it to survive. In light of that, drinking water that doesn’t affect your family’s health negatively is paramount. There are extremes when it comes to water intake or simply not drinking water at all. Try to avoid drinking way too much water as it can dilute the sodium in your body and have fatal effects. On the other foot, if you do not drink water there can also be deadly. Dehydration occurs, and the body can cease organ functioning.

So drink more water and drink clean water with installing a water filter as soon as you can! There are other benefits of water filters that can be eco-friendly.

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