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Hardwood Floors – Learn How to Clean Them


Hardwood floors are very durable and can withstand wear at home or in areas with a lot of activity such as office spaces. Learning how to clean your hardwood floors is a good way to protect and preserve your investment. Caring for your hardwood floors ensures that they not only last longer, but it also helps them look brand new all the time.


Unlike other flooring options, hardwood is a good economic choice because they do not require repairs or replacements as often as long as they are cared for properly. Because they last for generations, having hardwood floors is also an eco-friendly option.

Below, Microfiber Wholesale’s infographic takes you through how to properly clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Learn immediate spot cleaning, daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly routines, as well as the essential dos and don’ts.


Establishing a cleaning and maintenance routine ensures that your hardwood floors are protected from extensive damage caused by excessive moisture and stains. Know what products to use such as non-abrasive cleaners to prevent discoloration and hardwood floor tools like microfiber mops to protect if from scratches. Learning how to do all this the right way will not only make maintaining your floor a quick and easy task, it will keep it shining and gleaming as well.

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