Hard Candy Glitteratzi Lip Gloss
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Hard Candy Glitteratzi Lip Gloss

Hard Candy has come out with a new product called Glitteratzi that is absolutely amazing. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

This Product is a liquid sparkly top coat that you can use anywhere you’d like to add a little sparkle. My daughter loves using this on her lips and on her eyelids, sometimes she will even put a little on her on arms when she is playing dress up. This is good for adding a little pop to your eye shadow or lipstick. If you don’t wear lipstick you could still use this to add a little pop to your lips. This stuff is amazing it doesn’t stay wet and isn’t sticky and it really does dry extremely well.

This awesome product is available in 7 different colors which are Aurora, Star, Blaze, Confetti, Twinkle, Spark and Galactic. This gives you the option to mix up your look every now and then. These products are so fun and they add just the right amount of pop to your look when you use them. These are good for women and children, I know my daughter loves using them and I will use them every so often to add a little sparkle to my eyes or lips when going out.

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