Happy Planner #2019WOMRHoliday
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Happy Planner #2019WOMRHoliday

Am the only one that has a need to have their life organized? I am always looking for new ways to organize my crazy life. I think I found the best way to do it and Happy Planner is the answer! The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

All the praise hands! This Mini Happy Planner® is 12 months…DATED from January 2020 – December 2020 and is filled with creative and inspirational artwork to help make YOU a happy planner!

12 Months – DATED (January 2020 – December 2020)

Sturdy laminated covers

Foil features included

2020-2021 year-at-a-glance calendar pages

Faith (SOAP method) layout

Planner Dimensions: 4⅝” x 7”

The Fitness Extension Pack is the ultimate way to track your health and fitness goals! You’ll find places to plan your meals, workouts, water consumption and of course, we’ve added some positive and inspirational quotes and photos to keep you motivated as you move toward your goals!

Now you can keep track of your finances in your Happy Planner®…and the cute designs don’t hurt! 

Expense trackers

Month-at-a-Glance Budget worksheets

Bill Pay checklists

Budget Reviews

I am always changing my mind how I want things organized and have to change it up. Usually that means getting a new planner. However with Happy Planner you can easily move things around with their ring system. You can basically build the planner to fit whatever your need is. You can start off with a predated planner, add a budget extension pack, fitness extension pack, and prayer journal. This is what I did! I love it. It’s everything I need in these books. I keep track of how I am doing in basically all aspects of my life. Which lets face it being a mom..that’s our main job. Organizing Your Family! We are the ones that make sure everyone gets where they need and in one piece. May not be on time all the time, but hey we are there!

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