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Is it Halloween Yet?

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Just this weekend Zoey O asked me…”Is it Halloween yet?” I couldn’t believe she was asking me this. I had just made it through Halloween, her birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and my son’s birthday. I wanted a break! Enough with the holidays just for a little bit. It takes a lot out of us moms to make sure everyone has a perfect holiday or birthday. Plus Halloween this past year wasn’t that fun for me. It was the first Halloween I had to do it by myself. My husband had to coach a game. So it was three kids (6, 4, and 2-year-old) and me against everyone else that was out trick or treating.

Isn’t she cute?

It all started with them getting off the bus. First thing and the most important thing was  they had to get actual food in their bellies before they started getting all that candy. Next we had to get everyone dress. Since hand me downs are great!! My youngest got to wear the cutest bumble bee outfit that my oldest wore when he was her size. One kid dressed! Now on to Zoey O. She wanted to be a princess so getting her dress and ready would take the longest. Mainly because a princess’s hair had to be perfect! Two dressed. Lastly my oldest. He wanted to be Sponge Bob again. Seeing how I like to put things off until last-minute I hadn’t had him try on his costume until Halloween day! (OOPS!) But luckily it fit. Sad part is he won’t be wearing it again. He already informed that day he wanted to be a superhero next Halloween. With MrCostumes.com that won’t be a problem. Now out the door we go. We made it up and down our street and one street over when Zoey O was gripping about her feet. So back to the house to get different shoes on we go. Shoes changed off we go AGAIN! Three streets over a bag ripped and candy went everywhere! Luckily I had a back up bag.


As you can imagine Halloween wasn’t that fun for me. However in the end everyone was happy and they got their bellies full of food and tons of candy! I do have to admit that there was one advantage of being the only adult in the house after your little ones finished trick or treating. You get to go through the candy first. Speaking of candy. If you are like me you still have some candy left over. I have some pretty neat things to do with left over candy. You can bake it in several different ways or you can freeze it throughout the year to put in shakes. What are some other ways you have used leftover candy? 



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  1. Since my little man is too big for Old Navy costumes we need a new place to get them, will be checking them out. My hubby always works on Halloween so we look for fall festivals to attend instead and little man is sort of ok with that, except two years ago he cried when other kids came to our house for candy. 🙁

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