Giveaways / Must Have Products · May 7, 2016 10

Hallmark Happy is the New Perfect

Do you have a problem striving to be the perfect mom? I know I do. I want to balance the house, the kids, the activities and my work; and I want to balance it like a pro. Being a Woman of Many Roles is hard! More often than not in my life, I find myself being down on myself as I struggle to achieve balance and perfection. It is hard to keep up with the Jones family afterall!

This year, life is changing for my family. We are expecting our fourth child in a few months, the school year is winding down and we are busier than ever. I realized that maybe I shouldn’t strive for perfection- maybe it is taking away from the magic of motherhood.
Happy is the New Perfect
My friends at Hallmark must have read my innermost thoughts. They have a line of products that is incredibly encouraging to any mom, just in time for Mother’s day!
I got to try a few goodies in the Happy is the New Perfect line. The sentiment really struck a chird with me, as these days pass by and we prep for a new addition, I have learned to go with the flow of things. To pick my battles and instead of trying to be the perfect mom, I am going to focus on being the best mom I can. Perfection is overrated- savoring the moments of this life is what is important!
Happy is the New Perfect
I received a framed artwork that states “Happy is the New Perfect” this art work is helping to remind me that happiness is what matters, and that is what I need to chase instead of perfection.
I also got a great mug that I love and a cute wristlet in the same theme. These are really fantastic options for a gift fromt he ehart for your mom on her special day! If you are still trying to figure out what to get mom, stop, just go to Hallmark, where you will find a gift Mom is sure to love!