HABA Bathtub Ball Track Set
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HABA Bathtub Ball Track Set

I love to offer fun toys for my kids to play with during bath time. When we take time to play the bath goes so much smoother for everyone! The HABA ball track for the bath tub combines the fun of a bath with STEM activity! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


This is a really fun toy for kids of all ages! They can set up the ball track then give it a shot! This is a 6 piece set that encourages growing minds to build, to create and to experiment. As they discover how the water and the ball can travel to the next stop they will want to try out new distances and angles!

After the kids get the hang of the HABA set you can add accessories to change things up! This is a really fun idea for the bath tub.

The tracks stick well and really flows when the tracks are lined up properly. Retailing for under $25 this is an engaging toy for bath time that gives kids a project to work on and a good reason to splash around a little longer. This would make a great option for holiday gifting for kids! My kids have been playing with this for weeks and always ask for it when they get ready for bath time!

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