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Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet

We all know that babies like to be warm and toasty when they sleep at night, but they are always losing their blankets especially when they start learning to move more. Plus, you always worry about them getting wrapped up in them and getting hurt. That’s were the Gunapod comes in handy. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet

Think of that yummy feeling you get when you slip under a luxurious comforter? That’s the gift of luxurious sleep you’ll give your baby with our new Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet.

Part of the secret? It’s soft-fibered rayon fabric made from eco-friendly bamboo — a self-replenishing plant that is both plentiful and naturally harvested.

The hypoallergenic bamboo fibers actually breathe better than cotton. Perfect for protecting sensitive skin, and for keeping your baby’s body from getting overheated.

The other part? The silky soft bamboo viscose spandex envelops premium insulated lofty fill. Plus, it’s channel stitched to keep the down-like fill from shifting. Ensuring even all-over warmth. And a perfect night’s sleep.

As a result, our Luxury Duvet is unquestionably the most luscious wearable blanket ever invented. You’ll love the Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet so much, you’ll wish we had one in your size.

Mixie Bottle

Now with the Gunapod Premium Luxury Duvet you can provide your little one with the feeling of a luxury comforter without the worry of them getting tangled or kicking it off. Made with hypoallergenic bamboo fibers which are more breathable than cotton, making it perfect for using at night without your little one getting overheated.

This is made for ages 0-9 months so you can use it for quite a while. Not only can this be used when sleeping, but you can use it when your baby is up and awake, with the zipper pouch, you can allow them to sit on it and use the top as a cover. I ended up giving this to my nephew who now has two kids and lives in Utah and he loves it. He said that both his children love using this and it helps to keep them nice and warm on those cold winter days and nights.