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Getting kids to drink enough water is a battle in our house but when I heard about Gululu I was excited to try it. I had tried so many other things before like keeping cold water on the ready in the fridge, buying cheap simple water bottles and nothing worked. The kids weren’t getting enough water and often they would end up with muscle cramps at night. Then we got Gululu and tried it and man does my Daughter love this bottle. It’s unique, stylish and makes drinking water so much fun. Once you see this bottle, you will automatically notice something very different about it, it has a screen!! This screen contains your child’s water pet and once your child learns more about this bottle they will want to drink. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Your child can sink their bottle with their friends bottles, and have a blast with it. Your child will want to drink just so they can accomplish the goals in this game. You will want to start by charging up your child’s bottle and while it’s charging I would recommend that you download the app to your phone. Once you have all that done, you pair the app with your bottle and this allows you to keep track of just how much your child is drinking. When your child’s bottle is charged, then they can pick their water pet. The more water your child drinks they will be injecting more “Vitality Water” into the Gululu universe which will help their pet get to the top of the current water map.

This cup is so fun and I have found that my daughter drinks so much more regularly than she used to which is awesome because she is a very active girl with school and then all the activities she is involved in after school. She has so much fun drinking so she can help her pet, and her friends loved this bottle so much that their parents ended up getting them one. Now they are all linked up with each other which provides them with even more fun and encourages them to drink even more. If you are looking for a really neat and functional water bottle for your child I would highly recommend looking into this one it is simply amazing.

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