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Groovy Girls Cali Candy Cane doll from Manhattan Toy

My oldest daughter, Zoey, is all about being a girl. She loves clothes, princess, make up, smelly good stuff, and lastly dolls! You can’t go wrong with getting her a doll. She will love it and treat it just like it is the only doll she has. Manhattan Toy has a collection of dolls called Groovy dolls.


I had a chance to try Groovy Girls Cali Candy Cane doll. My daughter just feel in love with Cali the moment her eyes landed on it. It’s just the right size. It’s not overly big or too tiny. It’s soft from head to toe. Zoey has a Hello Kitty purse (I told you she was a girly girl!). She sticks Cali in her purse that way she can go with her everywhere. Since Cali is so soft she has become Zoey’s sleeping buddy! One time she even asked if Cali could take a bath with her. It took several minutes to convince her that was a bad idea.  I love how Cali looks. She is in a pretty red dress that’s perfect for Christmas. She also has this pretty blonde and red hair. One thing that’s neat is  Cali’s clothes can be taken off and interchanged with the other Groovy dolls.

Groovy dolls are great for every little one. They are soft, cute, and just the perfect size to be your little girls new friend. What is your favorite Groovy doll? Are you getting your little girl one?


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