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Great Gifts For Mother’s

I am not a huge makeup kinda girl but when I do wear it, I want something that is going to make skin both look and feel good. I love the products from Christie Brinkley especially from her Authentic Beauty Line. When I wear lipstick I always wear the Lip Beautifully Moisture Rich lipstick. This stuff is the bomb, I love the way it feels when I put it on, and it really helps my lips from getting dried and chapped. I like that it doesn’t make my lips feel dry and it goes on smooth and silky, hydrating my lips and keeping them looking good.

When it comes to bronzer, I love the Sun-Kissed Sheer Powder Bronzer also from the Authentic Beauty line. I love that this gives me a natural sun glow on my skin. I use it all winter to help keep my summer tan glow going longer. I love that I can use as little or as much as I want depending on my skin tone and how tan I am. It really does help to illuminate your complexion and I honestly get tons of comments when I wear this. It is really a lightweight powder that doesn’t leave you skin feeling gunky which is a huge plus.

How about those times when you want to add a subtle natural glow to your skin. Then you should invest in Strobe Show Natural Glow Stick highlighter. This stuff is simply amazing and I love that it’s in a stick so I can just use it when and where I want. I keep this stuff in my purse so I have it all the time and can do a quick touch up whenever I feel the need to. I love that it is glitter free so it looks more natural and you don’t have to use a brush to put it on. This stuff has a skin-conditioning formula that literally melts on contact with skin, I love that because I have super dry skin and when I use this it makes it both feel and look better. If you are looking for some beauty product to add to your collection then give these a try, I even let my daughter use these and she loves them also.

I spent so many years trying to find something that worked for me and for my daughter when it came to shampoo. We both have very thick wavy hair and normal shampoo wasn’t cutting it at all. Then a friend introduced me to Macadamia Hair products and I was so excited to try them. I had been noticing her hair looking better and finally found out this is what she was using so I got the Shampoo, Condition and the Hair Mask for me and my daughter to use. The Shampoo and condition both smell amazing and work super well. I love how silky smooth it leave our hair feeling and it really has helped to reduce the frizz that we both have. With the Mask, we both use it twice a week and love it. I love that it helps keeps my color treated hair looking natural and fresh and longer. I love how it smells and that it works extremely well. My daughter has gotten lots of complements from school about how pretty her hair looks since we’ve switched to using this line of haircare. I definitely will be using it for the long haul with our hair because we love how well it really does work for us. I even had my Mom try this and she loves it also and has now switched to using it.

Are you someone like me who colors their hair and uses a blow dryer most mornings? Then you should check out BioRepair-8 Thickening Blow Dry Spray. I was using this stuff daily when my hair was falling out due to weight loss surgery and it really helped. I gifted a bottle to my Mom, she doesn’t color her hair but she has thin hair and blow dries it every morning so I had her start using this before she used the blow drier. It is super simple to use you just simply shake the bottle and spray it on your hair. Then blow dry it, style it and you’re good to go. This stuff helps to strengthen and protect your hair as well as helping to protect against breakage. This is an awesome product for adding volume to your hair also helping it to look more full and healthy.

If you are looking for something easier to use then you should check out Powderfix Instant Volume Texture Powder spray. I love using this when I put my hair up in buns or braids because it helps it to stay up, but also adds a shine to my hair. This stuff is amazing and it helps to add color and heat protection to your hair up to 450 degrees, making it great for using with color treated hair which is a huge plus since I color my hair. These are some awesome hair products that are definitely great to have on hand. I make sure to always have mine stocked cause I use them a lot.