Goliath Kids Game
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Goliath Kids Game

Do you remember when you were a kids and used to spin a top just to watch it or see whose could stay up the longest? This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Now you can get the Next Gen Tops I-Top and have even more fun. My kids each have one of these and they love spinning them on the table and watching them go but also seeing who can get the most spins. The neat thing about these tops is that it uses smart technology to actually keep track of the number of spins. When you spin your I-Top then you will see LED lights that light up your top and also display the number of spins you are getting until your Top finally stops spinning. You can spin your way to the top by competing in multiple challenges also. You can unlock hidden features by spinning your top to an exact number of spins and it will show special animations.

There are over 10 different ways to play and there are tons of animations provided for hours of fun. My kids usually spend an hour playing with these together if not more, and they even love inviting their friends over to play. It’s fun and something that the entire family can enjoy together. These come in Mega Gear Blue, Infinite Purple and Vortex Red we happen to have a couple of every color so that our entire family can enjoy and play with them together. We like these so much that we’ve decided to get them for family members to enjoy with each other on game night for Christmas.These are just so fun, my kids will even just play with them by themselves trying to unlock the different features and special animations. This is sure to provide your child with fun, and they will love showing it off to their friends. My Daughter loves taking hers to school to play with at recess and her friends love watching her and taking turns with her top. This is something I would recommend trying out it really is fun for all ages.

Do you have a child that loves Pikmi Pops Surprise, if so then you should check out the Pikmi Pops Surprise lollipop chase game. This board game is great for 2-4 players and is recommended for ages 5 and up. Each game comes with 1 sweet-scented plush inside. With this board game you have cute little characters that you move around the board and eventually work your way to the center where you collect a lollipop. There are also cute challenge cards like Give your neighbor a bear hug or squeak like a mouse. Just some cute and fun challenges that are fun and easy for kids. This game is one that my friends little girls absolutely love playing I’m so glad we got it for them they really find it super fun.


If you like water type games then this game is for you. Hydro Strike Action game is so fun to play and the kids love playing it. So this game is a fast paced pinball action type game that is for two players. You shoot the ball and hope to make it into your opponent’s goal and when you do they get sprayed with water. The first one to score 5 wins the game. This game is so fun to play and watch it being played. We like to play tournament style so everyone in our family gets a chance to play each other. It’s easy to set up and we just sit it on our game table allowing each player to stand at the ends making it easier to play. This game is recommended for ages 7 and up but my friends 5 year old son loves playing this game with my kids when he comes over and he does ok playing it. If you are looking for a great holiday gift this would be a fun one to get.

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