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Going to the Library with Kidorable

Every Thursday is library day in this house. Zoey loves going to the library getting her books and her movies. She will be happy to know that next Thursday she will be going to the library with Kidorable!


One day my daughter told me that when she grows up she’s going to be a ballerina. She also loves her books and going to the library. One day we weren’t able to go to the library and she cried for several minutes. Between those two things I knew she would love the Kidorable Ballerina Backpack.  The back pack measures roughly 10 X 8 X 6.  So it’s just the right size for my little girl. I tried her brother’s back pack on her and it seemed to trip her up it was so big. My favorite part about the back pack is the material the back packs are  made of.  As you know kids can be messy. These back packs are easy to clean. All you have to do is wipe them out, so no mess is to big. One test that many back packs need to pass (but many failed) is the sturdy test. They have to be able to hold all those books or whatever else they want to stuff into their backpacks. Zoey’s backpack passed the test. During one trip to the library she had 6 books, 2 movies, and a dolly in it.


Kidorable offers more than just backpacks. They have rain coats (my son has one and he LOVES IT!), rain boots, towels, hangers, book ends, scarfs, and gloves! All their products are cute and stylish and you are bound to find something  that your child will love. My favorite part is they are made to last!

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