Going Back to School with A Smile
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Going Back to School with A Smile

While the thrill of the beginning of the school year has faded for most families and a routine settles into place, that doesn’t mean we get a break from lunch duties! With 4 kids in school this year, I am making sandwiches, doling out fruit snacks and juggling apples left and right on the average school morning. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

This year, my family made a pledge the number of disposable sandwich bags we used this year. Like I mentioned, having 4 kids means I can go through hundreds of bags every month!

Zak has just the thing for families like mine with the Emoji line of back to school goods. We got to try out a few and found them to be just the things we needed for making lunch time an eco friendly and easy event.

The Zak Emoji Nation Reusable Sandwich Container is perfect for packing a lunch with no waste. These containers are durable, easy to clean and add a fun twist to the lunchtime staple, the sandwich. But, rest assured, these will work for other foods too! Best of all, you can get this for under $4!

The Zak Emoji Nation Flatware set is ideal for those days when your child packs a yogurt or fruit cup, or takes an entree. With a fun design this flatware set is great for eliminating the need for a spork in the cafetorium, and reducing waste. At $3.50 a set for spoon and fork, this also reduces the stress of a child accidentally tossing your good silver at school.

I always send a stainless steel bottle with my kids for their lunches. The Emoji Nation Stainless Steel Bottle is perfect for a lunchbox. It holds just enough for kids; 15 ozs and is easy to clean, easy to open and easy to close for fewer spills. These are so much better than the thermos style options.

Sending a water bottle is always a good idea. It helps to keep the kids drinking water during the day. Zak has an Emoji Nation bottle that is fun and functional and holds a generous 25 ozs for all day hydration for little learners. The fun designs and durable plastic make this a great choice for rough and tumble kids.

Zak has so many great products for families to make school lunch a hassle and plastic waste free part of the day. We have tried so many Zak products and have loved them all. I would highly recommend them all to other families!

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