God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook
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God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook

Are you looking for a more kid friendly way to teach kids about stories in the Bible. Now you can with Pastor Rick Warren’s book God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible: Based on the New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!


God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible illustrates the 40 foundational principles written in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life (What on Earth Am I Here For?) by Pastor Rick Warren. With child-friendly language, engaging illustrations, and a chronological approach, Pastor Warren introduces each Bible story with a theme that aligns with one of his foundational principles. He wraps up the stories with a closing thought targeted to early readers. The colorful illustrations and narrative tone bring these beloved Bible stories to life for readers young and old.  God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible has foil decoration on the cover.

This book is written in a child friendly language making it easier for kids to understand. It also has really great and engaging illustrations to help keep your child engaged in the story. Each Bible story is introduced with a theme and each one is wrapped up with a closing thought that is targeted to early readers. This book is great for anyone with younger kids, it really helps to tell them the stories of the bible in a way that they understand and keeps them engaged with pictures. The little one’s I have given this book to have really enjoyed reading it and the parents bring it with them every Sunday to church to help keep the little one’s quiet. Definitely a book that should be added to every little one’s library.

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