Go Organically
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Go Organically

In my house fruit snacks are something that I always have stocked away in my cabinets for my kids. We love the Go Organically Fruit snacks and use them in school lunches and for after school snacks or grab and go before heading to a sports event. This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Go Organically

The Go Organically fruit snacks come in three flavors including Tropical, Fruit Medley and Mixed Berry. My Daughter loves the Tropical but my boys love mixed berry, though they will all eat all three flavors.

I love these fruit snacks and prefer them over other brands because they are made with real fruit and contain 100% DV Vitamin C as well as Vitamins A&E. I also love that they are USDA certified organic and they are Gluten Free. Which for me is a good thing as I have a child who is sensitive to Gluten. These fruit snacks are delicious and great to keep around. I usually bring these for my kids sports teams to enjoy after or between games as well as my little ones to enjoy while we are out and about. I always have these stocked in my cabinet and love them. If you are looking for a great snack for yourself or your children then check out Go Organically Fruit Snacks.

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