Glasstic Glass Water Bottle
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Glasstic Glass Water Bottle

Remember when I told you how important it was to stay hydrated?  Remember when I talked about finding a good bottle to drink out of?  Well I have a wonderful bottle for you to consider!  This is a sponsored post, but like always the thoughts and stories are my own.

First what makes Glasstic stand out?  It is a double wall insulated glass water bottle.  It says it is shatter proof, but I have not tried to shatter it.  I have dropped it a few times, because well, I do.  It looks great!

It got my water cold and did keep it cooler than my other glass water bottle.  It also did not freeze my hand holding it! I loved so many things about this bottle!

First it looks so cute, and they have a bunch of designs to pick from.  Like really, they have stuff you can decorate your own and it will not look like the cheap dollar store stuff we all did in grade school.  These look awesome!

The next thing I love is the size of the spout.  I hate it when it’s just one wide hole I end up with water all over me.  We did talk about me dropping things already!  But this has a spout that lets water flow easily without the overflow.  I am so picky about the mouth piece, but this one seems just right for me.

And last, the locking lid!  This one locks so when I put it in my book bag not everything is going to wet!  I can insure that the bottle is going to stay safe in my book bag without getting things wet or breaking when the bag falls down the stairs. .  .again!

This is a wonderful bottle if you are looking for a glass water bottle this one is awesome!  The bottle is great.  I still love my bottle with the straw, but I know the plastic in the sun is not a good thing!  Glass is a way better option, and with this I don’t worry about it get everything else wet!  Perfect for the travel between work and home, and all the other things In our busy lives!

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