Glasses to Complement Your Lifestyle

Glasses are an essential accessory for many people, whether you use them for personal, professional, or fashion use. Many glasses styles can complement certain lifestyles, and it’s important to figure out which kind of eyewear best suits your lifestyle. Finding the right pair of glasses is important because some activities require proper eyewear. 

For example, if you work outdoors or are a sporty person, you need to wear special protective glasses suitable for the activity or work you are doing. The same goes for college students or business professionals. You need to wear the correct type of glasses that will suit both your profession and your eyesight—especially if you are looking at a computer screen all day. 

Busy College Student

For any busy college student, it’s fun to find a pair of glasses with colored frames. Bold-colored frames can make you stand out from the crowd, even if you tend to wear more plain and basic outfits to your classes. If you plan to step outside your comfort zone, choosing to wear colored frames can also be a good conversation starter in class or on a Zoom call.  

When choosing colored frames, you can base the color on your eye color. To do this, you should ask yourself whether you want to make a statement or not. If you do, here is a list of eye color and frame color combinations that work well: 

  • Gray eyes– Just about any bright color will work 
  • Brown/amber eyes– Bright green or cool blue
  • Blue eyes– Orange or natural tones like brown 
  • Green eyes– Red, gold, or purple 
  • Hazel eyes– Green or brown 

Active Sports Enthusiast

For any sports enthusiast, it’s important to find a pair of glasses that protect your eyes. Most people who enjoy sports may need to purchase more durable glasses, as outdoor activities are physical, and you can end up damaging your glasses easily. Most sports enthusiasts will find that transition lenses are an excellent investment because they also transition into sunglasses. 

The lenses work by darkening in the sunlight and lightening in the dark. Transitional lenses are perfect for sports enthusiasts because they are generally more cost-effective and convenient while protecting your eyes from the sun by filtering out harmful UV rays. Whether you participate in soccer games or go hiking every week, it’s important to find durable, protective, and stylish glasses to feel more comfortable during your activities. 

The Business Professional

Just like the college student and sports enthusiast, the business professional needs a good pair of glasses that suit their lifestyle, too. Whether you work in a corporate office or conduct meetings from home, it’s important to match your glasses with your attire. Many people spend their days at work or in the office, so it’s important to find professional glasses that match any formal outfit. Most offices operate on a smart casual basis, so it’s a bit easier to find a pair of glasses to match. 

Luckily, clear or minimalist frames can be easy to pair with an office look because they tend to go with any outfit, as it creates balance. In terms of business attire for the office, you should opt for formal pants and flat shoes, as you will be wearing this outfit all day, and it’s best to be comfortable. Pair this outfit with some minimalist frames, and you’re good to go. 

The Socialite

Not only do socialites enjoy going out with friends and socializing, but they may also be trendsetters—especially if they have a big following on social media. Trendy glasses for women are the perfect accessory to pair with a high-end fashionable outfit. Socialites, influencers, and celebrities are the main reason popular fashion trends exist, so the best way to find inspiration for these trends is to go on social media. 

Some of the most popular trends that you can pair with equally trendy glasses include: 

  • Belts 
  • Black and white monochrome 
  • Matching sets 
  • Voluminous sleeves and shoulders 
  • Chunky flats 

Glasses to Suit Every Lifestyle

When it comes to lifestyle, everyone is different. But the best part is that there are so many glasses styles to choose from that will match these different needs. Whether you go to college, play sports, work in an office, or take to Instagram for all your looks, there will be a pair of glasses that suit you and your occasion.

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