Giving Your Closet A Makeover
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Giving Your Closet A Makeover

The ideal clothing closet is well organized and spacious enough that you can invest in a few smart pieces of storage, which we will discuss later! If your closet makes simply getting dressed in the morning a struggle, then it is definitely time to give the space a makeover. It’s not the most fun chore but after you are done, it will make building an outfit so much easier as well as relieve the instant headache you feel every time you need to get something!

Today, we are going to look at a few simple but effective ways to give your closet an instant face lift:

Clear Out Clutter:

There are so many amazing hacks out there for how to organize your closet but you can’t utilize any of them to the fullest until you do an overhaul of what you already have. Create a pile for clothing that you would like to keep and donate. The piece of clothing should be considered an instant donate if it no longer fits well, has not been used in the past six months to a year, or requires you to be a certain weight to wear it. Don’t forget to sort through jam packed jewellery boxes and bins of accessories too!

Once your closet is clear of all of the unnecessary items you will have a better idea of not only what you require from your closet space but how to best organize it. You will also have a clearer vision of your wardrobe as a whole and what it is lacking so you can apply your findings during your next online shopping haul.

If your closet is storing anything other than your wardrobe, be sure to find a better home for all of it. If your closet is smaller, it will be even more cramped with things like extra bedding or your work out gear piled in!

Incorporate Additional Storage:

Keeping your clothes in like new condition means storing them properly so invest in smart storage options to keep your wardrobe in its best shape. Shoes all over your closet floor can immediately get organized with a couple of shoe racks or additional shelving units. You can also use folding methods from the great Marie Kondo to address overflowing dresser drawers. Not enough hanging space can quickly be solved by installing more hanging bars or purchasing a hanging rack so you can “shop” through your clothing easier.

If your jewellery is constantly getting tangled, think about finding a jewellery stand for your dresser or even mounted on the wall. Not only will it keep your necklaces from getting knotted, but it will make a functional piece of decor to have them on display!

Create A Mini Boutique:

Speaking of shopping, that’s exactly what it should feel like when you go through your closet. You would never want to browse in a store where the clothes are packed so tightly on the hanging racks that you can barely move them. The same should apply for your closet! Create the ultimate mini boutique vibes with bright lighting, a full-length mirror, some hanging racks, and smartly organized shoes and accessories. You could even paint the closet a fun colour!

When you view your closet as your own personal boutique, you will want to keep the space in its best condition which will encourage you to keep things organized.

Giving your closet a makeover could be just what you need to jump start your spring cleaning. A well-organized closet will also help keep all of your clothing in its best shape for maximum use!

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