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Give your Little Sunshine Extra Care Choosing Exemplary Baby Products

Preparing to give your baby its first bath? Wondering what bathing products should you buy that ensure your baby’s comfort and wellbeing? 

Well, you are at the right place.

Newborn skin is sensitive, delicate, and vulnerable than adult skin. Hence, new parents often struggle to find the right bathing products for their infants. Also, with the market flooded with various baby bath supplies, it gets difficult to decide what’s best for a newborn. 

So, without wasting any time, let’s quickly look at the tips to choose the right bath products for your little one. 

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  • Be Gentle & Choose Gentle

Whether you are looking for a washcloth, shampoo, moisturizer, or soap for your little one, always choose non-irritating and gentle products. Here’s what you must consider when selecting the following baby bath products:

  • Shampoo: Look for tear-free products to avoid soapy eyes. Also, consider buying shampoos with moisturizing ingredients.
  • Washcloth: Get a soft and thick washcloth for your infant. Make sure it is free of any toxic dyes. Washcloths made of bamboo, cotton, nylon, flannel, and muslin are ideal for babies. 
  • Soap: Buy soaps that are formulated for infant care. Soaps labeled as non-toxic or hypoallergenic are suitable for babies. 
  • Tub: Choose a tub with non-skid material on both inside and outside. Also, consider buying bathtubs made of BPA-free material that is easier to clean. 
  • Moisturizer: Look for unscented and alcohol-free moisturizers for your little one. 

Just don’t get into the trap of fancy packaging or a famous brand name. Consider products with mild to zero chemicals. Also, be gentle in using the products. Remember, your baby’s skin is delicate and cannot take any harshness. 

  • Do Not Overlook Your Baby’s Allergy

While little ones may seem healthy, they may be allergic to certain chemicals. Hence, use dermatologically-tested products if your infant is prone to any allergies. 

For instance, some baby shampoos contain CAPB (Cocamidopropyl Betaine) – a foaming agent which may cause eye irritation. So, before you make the final decision, consider your child’s allergy. 

  • Say NO to Artificial Fragrances

While fragrances are pleasant, these can cause your infant skin irritation. Studies have shown the harmful effects of using scented body products on babies. Suppose you use aromatic bathing products like shampoo or soap. In that case, the fragrance may linger for hours, which may cause respiratory issues for your baby. Hence, you should choose baby bath supplies with no artificial fragrances.  

  • Watch Out for pH Balance:

It is always advisable to use bathing products with a natural pH balance. And, why not? It will help in keeping your baby’s skin balanced and in good health. Thereby, ensure protecting it against environmental irritants. 

Know that the products which aren’t neutral in the pH balance may cause skin dryness and may cause irritation, and itchiness. So, be aware and choose wisely. 

 The Final Say 

As a parent, you wouldn’t want to compromise on your baby’s skin and hair care. It is ultimately the care and nourishment you give during these early days that matter for your child. 

So, make wise and careful decisions when it comes to choosing the right bath products for your little one.