Getting Your Skin Tightened by Laser Treatment Professionals
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Getting Your Skin Tightened by Laser Treatment Professionals

Clinical skincare procedures have been around for decades, and with each passing year skincare professionals seem to increase the services they offer. One service that has been around for several years but is still new compared to many skincare methods is skin tightening. Every year clinical skincare procedures become more and more popular as skincare professionals offer more skin tightening options. So, if you have mildly to moderately sagging skin, chances are you can benefit from their services.

How Skin Tightens During Treatments in Clinics

To choose a skin tightening method, you must first understand what makes your skin tight or loose. The bouncy, supple feeling skin has during youth and young adulthood is caused by high production of hormones and other skin-fortifying substances. For example, the body naturally produces substances called elastin and collagen. They help make skin stretchy while also giving it the ability to bounce back into place. Together, they give skin its tightness and firmness.

With age, production of elastin, collagen and healthy hormones decreases. The skin is also exposed to an ever-increasing amount of hazards, such as weather and sun damage, chemicals and the effects of poor diet or exercise routines. That is when it starts to go from stretchy to saggy. But there are plenty of ways to reverse or slow down that process.

Lasers Are Go-To Skin Tightening Tools

Many skincare professionals use lasers to tighten skin because they are so versatile and precise. There are many different types of laser tools available to treat most skin types. In fact, years ago it was recommended those with dark skin avoid laser treatments entirely. But today medical laser for sale by laser development companies and used in skincare clinics and treat most skin types. Although, if your skin is darker you may need to hunt a bit for a skincare clinic that offers a skin tightening treatment for you. Dark skin also sometimes cannot be treated because those with dark skin often have excessive amounts of skin oil, which presents a burn hazard. Your clinician will tell you if you are at risk for such a complication.

A laser is a two-fold skin tightening device. Its first function is to use light and heat to encourage collagen molecules to contract. As they move closer together, so do skin cells. A second function of a laser is to produce reactions inside your body. What your body perceives as a microscopic attack causes it to make more collagen, elastin and other materials to repair and strengthen the affected skin cells. The increase in collagen can make your skin stronger and more resistant to future sagging or related skin issues.

Examining Your Alternatives and Monetary Restrictions

Before undergoing laser treatment, it is important to understand you do have alternatives. For example, sound waves can also be used to tighten mild to moderately wrinkled skin. Talk to your clinician about all of your treatment options and the costs of those treatments. Keep in mind, many treatments must be repeated to obtain ideal results. Therefore, the costs of an entire round of treatments must be considered. For example, a series of four to six laser treatments will cost more than $1,000. It may cost much more, depending on where you have the procedure done. Comparing the costs of clinics in different locations can help you find the best price, but remember to consider the certifications and reputations of the clinicians as well.

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