Getting Ready to Homeschool
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Getting Ready to Homeschool

School season is upon us. Many of us have consider to homeschool this year. If you are here are some great resources that could make your adventure a little easier. The below was provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines.

Mini Money Management is an app that helps make parenting fun and easy while also teaching the importance of financial literacy through everyday experiences. MMM helps parents instill important qualities in their children like self motivation, critical thinking, and responsibility.
Children will be motivated to ask parents for extra chores to do around the house, not the other way around. Using a household economy, Parents can help their children learn about money through experiential learning, and
MMM creates a safe space for children to make their financial mistakes and experience those consequences at the age of 8, not 18, or 28.

UniKeep binders are stackable and compact – they are fully-enclosed, so unlike traditional binders, stacking them on top of each other doesn’t result in them sliding off each other, or require you to alternate the direction of the binders.
– Some UniKeep binders are made without metal rings, making them 100% curbside recyclable.
– We have tons of fun accessories to help parents organize curricula, such as color-coded page protectors, pastel page protectors, and pocketed pages of all different shapes and sizes.

Mindsets  has turned the tired old equations on their head and has a new way to engage students by creating a business building narrative that has kids passionate about how to use math in the real world. The program is vetted for STEAM online and on-campus use and  both school and home friendly–it works as well at the kitchen table as it does in the classroom. Students focus their reading, grammar and listening in Mindsets in English and also in any one of more than 70+ other languages. Its new Open Reader tool allows English learners to open the reader in another language and hover over the word to get a visual from the picture dictionary and see text in two languages simultaneously.

One program that we have already rolled out is called Bright by Text, a text-message-based learning platform that brings literacy tips, activities, and resources right to your phone.

Our speed reading program, *MindFlow* is currently an online live workshop, soon be joined by a self-paced online platform. MindFlow teaches methods to read more quickly without compromising comprehension. Students increase their reading speed up to 5x, and improve reading-specific performance on high stakes tests, like the SSAT, SAT, ACT, etc., by an average of 13%. Mindflow also teaches techniques for students to alleviate anxiety, regulate emotions, and embody an optimal mindset. These skills are useful for academics and in life.
This award-winning kit, which helps kids with problem solving, math and spelling, has been updated with a brand new look, more advanced hardware and new engaging content. Comes with OSMO Base for iPad or Amazon Fire, Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, Words tiles, Stackable storage for each game & 5 STEM-focused game apps (Tangram, Newton, Masterpiece, Numbers, and Words). Games are designed for beginner to expert levels. Parents can track a child’s progress on a parent app. Genius Kit for iPad is available from,, Target, Best Buy. Genius Kit for Fire is available from
There’s a problem with family word games: The player who knows the most words usually wins. So we designed Code Stack!™ for people of different ages and vocabularies (like parents and kids) to play together. Stack up colorful discs to make words in a simple code, then race to figure out your opponents’ words. Young players guess shorter words and older players guess longer words, so it’s not how many words you know that matters. Code Stack! features rules for four games (including solitaire), all using the same clever coding system. Can you crack the code?
  • Players use a clever color code to form words
  • Everyone plays at once, racing to figure out the other players words
  • Features bonus gameplay versions, all designed for kids and parents to play on equal terms

This simple, yet satisfying, card game makes a little math go a long way. Players take turns adding cards to the stack, increasing the total as they play. Every time they double down (make a total of 11, 22, 33, etc.) or go over 99 they lose a chip. Action cards double the fun, switching the direction of play or forcing other players to play an extra card. As the total rises so does the tension, until the last player holding a chip wins the game.
  • Easy-to-learn rules, but plenty of strategy
  • For up to 8 players, but great even with only two
  • Terrific for adults; reinforces basic math for kids
Homeschooling is an adventure. It’s something you have to take one day at a time. Sometimes you have to try things out and find out that it doesn’t work for you or you find out it is the greatest thing out there. These are some of my favorite things. I am always up to try new things out so if you have some ideas please share!

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