Getting Ready for the Holidays with Biz
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Getting Ready for the Holidays with Biz

Getting ready for the holidays is a lot of fun, but the pre-prep can be daunting if we are honest. Before the tree and decorations can come out there is always a lot of cleaning to be done! From mantles to baseboards to dust, and tree skirts to wash, and windows to clean; wow, it amounts to a lot of work! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

This year, I turned to my secret stain fighter to help me along with my holiday prep. I washed the linens, napkins and tablecloths with Biz before and after the big meal at Thanksgiving. Let me tell you it feels great to know these items with so much history, and so many happy memories went back into their storage area without any stains. They will be greeted with hearty appetites and smiles another year thanks to BIZ.

Biz is so easy to use, you simply add it in powder or liquid form to your laundry to give it a boost. Stains and odors are eliminated with very little effort! If there are big messy, greasy stains, you can pretreat the area with Biz, but for basic clean up, it is virtually effortless to get your laundry clean! From the special tablecloths, to the coordinating napkins and even handmade tree skirts, Biz works!

Keeping special items for the holidays looking their best is important to me. I want to pass things down to my children, much like my own mom did. Biz helps me to keep my special items looking their best for the holidays and beyond. I love that it is affordable and easy to find at major retailers and it outperforms its more expensive counterparts. During the holidays, and year round, Biz is ready to tackle to stains so you can relax when it comes to laundry!

Have you tried Biz yet? I want to hear how you use it in your laundry or around the house.

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