Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss
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Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss

Thank you to Kimberly Clark for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to #BTSlikeaboss!

My kids are back in school! I couldn’t be happier to see them heading off to learn new things and make new friends! One of the things my kids love to do for school is collect box tops for education! They each have a little box for the box tops they collect and they are always excited when we place their box tops in an envelope to turn into school!

When we were shopping for back to school at Walmart the kids were so excited to see that they were going to get bonus box tops on several of the things we picked up for their supply list from the Scott line of products. I made sure to get 3 items with extra box tops to make it fair for the kids.

Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss

Back to school shopping can be so stressful, but this year things were a little easier because we went to WalMart, where we could get just about everything we needed for the new year. I love that I don’t have to go from store to store, because Walmart has everything we needed! Not to mention the Scott paper products we needed for at home.

A few of the items we purchased were:

Kleenex 3 pack bundle with Back To School Graphics and Bonus Box Tops

Scott Extra Soft Bath Tissue 30 Double Roll with Double Box Tops

Viva Vantage Paper Towels 6 Big Roll with Double Box Tops

Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss

Let me tell you why we are loyal to these items and didn’t even consider another brand!

• Scott Towels are a great value and soak up more than other value towels 

• Viva Mainline towels are soft and clothlike for wiping kids faces/but tough for cleaning and scrubbing

• Viva Vantage stretches when wet so it won’t break apart when scrubbing and cleaning

• Kleenex is the softest tissue and effective in keeping the moisture in Kleenex not on hands from sneezes/blowing.

Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss

If your kids are into collecting box tops like mine are, make sure you stop by Walmart to grab a few items with bonus box tops from the Scott brand. That way they can start saving box tops for the new year like a boss! #BTSLikeABoss. You can learn more about the bonus box tops on select products at Walmart or share your own Back To School story using the hashtag #BTSLikeABoss on your social media channels to connect with other parents that are as excited about the new year as you are! I hope I see some of your Back to school at Walmart posts on Instagram!

Getting Ready For Back To School Like A Boss #BTSlikeaboss

Viva at Walmart! And here is to a happy school year filled with a lot of great opportunities to learn for your kids!

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