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Getting Organized One Door At A Time

This is a sponsored post. As with all the products I blog about, I use them personally and opinions are my own, I was not influenced in any way by the compensation I received.


I love to be organized. Even when I was a kid I had the theory that everything had its spot. Now that I am a mom of three kids I have to get even more creative on how to keep things organized. One thing that I have found extremely helpful is the Stock It Pockets.

About Stock It Pockets:

Stock-it-Pockets is a see-through pocket organizer that slips over any door.   The clear pockets allow you to see the contents of each pocket and the roll, tie and go feature makes it easy to transfer from place to place.  Stock-It-Pockets is durable, made of water-resistant polyester and is easy to clean.  There are both large and small pockets so you can store just about anything .
Use it in the:
Bathroom for toiletries, curling irons, shampoos and lotions
Dorm room for school supplies
Office for brochures, pamphlets and other literature
Laundry room for cleaning supplies
Pantry for Pet Supplies
Kids room for toys, accessories, wipes and so much more..
Traveling?  You can take it with you!    Get the extra storage space you need on cruise ships, camping trips or even hotels.

Stock-It-Pockets gives you extra storage space wherever you need and it installs in seconds.

door organizer
It’s empty now, but just wait till after Christmas. It will look neat!

My Thoughts:

This summer we moved to a smaller house. I had to downsize a lot and think outside the box to where to put everything. That’s when I found stock it pockets. Stock it pockets is perfect for rooms that are smaller. It also can be used for a wide variety of things. I honestly had a hard time deciding what to use it for. Part of me wanted to put it my office area to keep art supplies and other stuff organized. However, for Christmas the girls are getting several things that have lots of pieces. So I decided that I would use it in the girls room. It took all of three seconds to put up. It don’t take up anymore floor space. Which is great because there isn’t much space free. It will keep all their pieces together and organized. Plus they will be able to access it easily. It’s was a perfect fit.

 What would you use the Stock It Pocket for?

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