Get the Baby Ready with Baby Magic
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Get the Baby Ready with Baby Magic

As a seasoned mom of 4, there have been so many products that I have tried. From the latest in gadgets and gizmos like monitors, timers, sleep machines and more to the latest trends in clothing and shoes. It is funny to think how the times, and styles change in such a short time! This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

Skin care and personal hygiene are always changing too. From the top of the line in baby care products with price tags to reflect their status, to the time tested and true goods you can find in any store.

Baby Magic is one of the products we have tried, tested and came back to time and time again. My kids all have sensitive skin. The slightest things can irritate them, leave them itchy and dry and generally uncomfortable. Luckily, we know Baby Magic and have been able to come back to it with each child.

I love how Baby Magic smells! There is nothing like a freshly washed Baby Magic Baby! I also love how it is so gentle on the delicate skin of newborns and infants. It is powerful enough to clean off busy toddlers, making it something you can use for a good amount of time and soak in that sweet magical baby smell for longer!

Baby Magic is a moms best friend too. Did you know that Baby Magic’s Creamy Baby Oil is perfect for using after a shave? Or that Baby Magic’s Original Hair & Body Wash is maybe the best makeup remover ever? The tear free formula can even handle the longest lasting of all mascaras without irritating your eyes! I love a product that can do double duty! I can use it for myself and the kids?! Isn’t that awesome!

After all of these years, are still a baby magic family, and would happily recommend it to other families. If you put baby magic to the task as a double duty product I hope you will leave a comment to share your ideas with everyone!


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