Get Peaceful Sleep with this Water Pillow #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE
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Get Peaceful Sleep with this Water Pillow #2017WOMRGIFTGUIDE

This post is a sponsored post, but all opinions, stories, and my experience are all personal and true (like always)!

I hate when I go to bed at night and get all comfortable and then bam my pillow is flat and I have to flip it. Then I got a Water Pillow from Mediflow and man am I in love with this pillow.

I can lay on my side and not worry about my pillow going flat or getting all bunched up on the side I am not using so when I roll over I end up on a lumpy part of the pillow. With the water pillow I know that when I roll the water will move easily to support my head comfortable and will never go flat or bunch up way too much. I loved this pillow so much and noticed that I sleep much more comfortably now that I ended up getting one of these for Husband and my kids.

I was worried at first about the kids having them just because kids will be kids but, they absolutely love them. The first night they used them they slept so good and when they woke up, they let me know just how much they really loved the water pillow. My son said it was so easy to turn at night and his pillow was comfortable.

I love that with this pillow you can adjust it to what is comfortable for you. If you want something more firm you just add more water. It’s nice to be able to adjust until you find your comfort level so that you get a more restful night sleep. I used to wake up every morning with a headache and sore neck and I knew it was most likely from my extremely uncomfortable pillow. After the first two nights with this pillow I noticed a huge difference. I woke up without a headache or sore neck and I had so much more energy after getting a good night’s rest. I would really recommend this pillow to everyone, you really can’t get any better than the comfort of this water pillow.

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