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Get Organized with Smead

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was given a product to review. Regardless all opinions are my own!!
If you have been reading my blog for a while now you know two things. One, I love being organized. Two, I love office supplies. Recently I received four products from Smead and Shoplet: Erasable SuperTab File Folders, Erasable FasTab Hanging Folders, Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical File Folder, and Step Index Organizer.

Get Organized with Smead

Smead Erasable SuperTab File Folders:

I love this folder! It is sturdy and not going to easily rip or be destroyed. But the best part of the Smead Erasable SuperTab File Folder? The tab is erasable! I can’t count how many times I have written something on a folder and then changed my mind on how I wanted to organize the papers. Normally I would scribble the label out or throw the folder away. It’s frustrating and a waste of money but I have to be organized. That’s just me. Now, I don’t have to throw the folder away. I can erase it and just relabel. It’s perfect!

Get Organized with Smead

Smead Erasable FasTab Hanging Folders:

These always come in handy. What is great is that you can write on the Smead Erasable FasTab Hanging File Folders tab, so you do not need to have the hanging file folder and another file folder with the label of whatever you are filing on it. These are just like the file folders that I just told you about. They are also erasable! You can use these forever and only get rid of when they start breaking down and getting ripped.

Get Organized with Smead

Smead Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical File Folder:

My husband feel in love with these folders. They are very unique. Usually, folders like this style are horizontal or they are pocket folders. So, to see a vertical filing folder was neat. He uses the Smead Organized Up Heavyweight Vertical File Folders to organize his football plays and paperwork for his team. He can just open the top of it, peak in, and see the top of the papers.

Get Organized with Smead

Smead Step Index Organizer:

Having used one of these before, I pretty much knew what to expect. I like using the Smead Step Index Organizer when I am going on the road for several days at a time and I need to do some work while I am gone. I use it so I can take my papers with me and still be organized.

Overall, I am very pleased with the Smead products. The quality is great, they can be used over and over, keep you organized and easy to use! I think you will be able to use these for a very long time. I have already switched over my old file folders to these new ones. They are so much better.  Be sure to check out Shoplet’s office supplies, office stationary and promotional products.

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