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Get Out, Get Active with Austin Lloyd Toy Subscription Box

Disclosure:  I received a Free product for review. My opinions are 100% mine. 

Did you know that most one year olds are ambidextrous. Meaning the can use both hands equally. I did not know that and I am on my third child. I honestly never noticed it with my three. It’s around age two or three when they start showing just what hand they prefer to use. 90 percent of the time it’s the right hand! I never knew that. My bunch are all right handers? What’s your child…left or right? Now that we learned something new today. Let me tell you about a cool monthly subscription for your little one.

toy subscription box

About Austin Lloyd:

Austin Lloyd is an Atlanta-based company founded on the idea that all parents want to educate their children, but sometimes it is hard (or just time-consuming) to know which toys to get. That’s where we step in! We take the guess-work out of choosing toys that your child will enjoy, while also gaining skills that aid in their overall development.

toy subscription box

About Austin Lloyd June Play Level 2-3 yrs box:

  • Dancing Feet Book: This book is meant to get your little one moving. Introducing a get up and dance toddler book so catchy and rhythmic, you’ll almost want to sing it. ($6.99 value)

toy subscription box

  • Pop Up Animals: Brightly painted and made of sturdy wood this toy becomes an inquisitive game of cause and effect! Push on their heads and what happens. Do they fly all the way out or just up and down? Push a little harder next time. Take the three animals out of their spots then try to put them back in place. Manually dexterity for little fingers has never been so fun! ($30.00 value)

toy subscription box

  • Cuppi: Kids love the Cuppi-it’s a shovel, sieve and ball in one. The Cuppi’s ergonomic form makes moving sand as easy as one, two, three, even for tiny hands. They can use the shovel to make tunnels and tracks and them send the ball rolling across the beach or into sand castle. A specially engineered hole in the handle let’s kids “write” with water or sand-tapping into your child’s creativity in unlimited ways. ($12.00 value)

toy subscription box

  • Clicker Clacker: Discover the rhythm and sound with the CLicker-Clacker from HABA! With this versatile instrument, your young sound explorer will discover the world of music and tunes. The loudness of the instrument is suitable even for the smallest ears. Your child will learn to distinguish sounds, develop a feel for rhythm, and train their speech skills in a playful manner! ($14.99 value)

toy subscription box

My Thoughts:

What toddler wouldn’t love to have Christmas all year-long. Austin Lloyd provides quality items that are not only fun but educational for your infant or toddler. Carly Jo loved her toys that she got from her June box. Especially the Pop Up Animals toy. She wouldn’t stop laughing every time one would jump out. She didn’t realize she was learning at the same time. To her it was fun! She also loved her “bookie.” That one didn’t surprise me because she loves books. This book however was different. She won’t stay still listen to it. She has to get up a jiggle and wiggle while I am reading it. One of my favorite things about Austin Lloyd is that they are out to do more than encourage little ones to have fun and learn. They also want to help others. When you are done with your toys and books you can donate them back to Austin Lloyd. They will send you a prepaid shipping label. Taking all the hard work and expense out of it.

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