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Get cleaning with Dyson Upright Vacuum DC65!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

No one told me that when I became a parent of a toddler that my vacuum would become my best friend. It seems like there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use my vacuum. My oldest is seven years old, and I have already been through three vacuums. It’s because of this that I decided that I need a top quality vacuum! I was recently given a chance to review the Dyson DC65 Animal.

dyson upright

About Dyson DC65:

“DC65 Animal is engineered for outstanding cleaning performance and ease of use. There’s also a Tangle-free Turbine tool to remove dirt and hair from carpets and upholstery. With its self-adjusting cleaner head and re-engineered brushbar, bristles dig deeper into carpets to remove more dust and dirt, while providing superior performance on hard floors. The DC65 has been built to achieve the highest suction at the cleaner head, twice the suction as any other vacuum. The DC65 has remodeled cyclones and uses the latest Ball™ technology.”
dyson upright

My Thoughts:

What’s great about the Dyson DC65 Animal? Well….everything!! I thought my old vacuum was getting my carpet clean, but boy was I wrong! Look at the picture in the upper left corner. That’s after just ONE use of the Dyson and the worst part was the floor didn’t even look that dirty. I was just vacuuming because I couldn’t wait to try out the Dyson. In the past my dog and kids would run from the vacuum cleaner because it was loud; however, this vacuum is very quiet! (It even impressed my husband! Maybe he will want to vacuum more…:)  I honestly didn’t think my old vacuum was that hard to use: you just push it; however, the ease of use just wasn’t there. With the Dyson DC65 it seemed like it just floated. I didn’t really have to push. It got around the furniture and walls like nothing. It did all the work for me. I was just there to lead it. It’s also SUPER easy to empty the filter: just push a button and that’s it! Once you push the button it opens up the bottom and the dirt falls out. (So you better make sure you’re above a trash can when you push it.) The next thing I noticed is something small, but quite useful! There wasn’t a hose with which I had to battle. The nozzle attachment is stored inside the hose which is located inside the handle.  This is remarkably innovative when compared to the external storage of hoses and attachments as is typical in many other brands of upright vacuums.  This sleek and space-saving design results in less bulk. Overall I am very pleased with my Dyson. This is the first Dyson I have ever owned and I am not going back.

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