Why You’ll Never Regret Adopting a German Shepherd
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Why You’ll Never Regret Adopting a German Shepherd

When deciding on a breed of dog to adopt, many find themselves considering the German Shepherd. Whether you’re looking for a dog for protection, companionship or to become a valuable member of the family, German Shepherds are a great fit. If you’re still curious about these dogs, here are four additional reasons that you’ll never regret bringing a German Shepherd dog into your home.

They’re Highly Intelligent

German Shepherd dogs, also known as GSDs, are listed as the third most intelligent dog in the world. Canine intelligence is based partly on how many repetitions a dog needs before it learns a new command. A German Shepherd can learn in fewer than five repetitions, sometimes on the first attempt. This redeeming quality is why shepherds are so valuable in police and military work.

German Shepherd

They’re a Joy to Train

It’s best to adopt a German Shepherd as a puppy and train that dog for the best integration into your home. German Shepherd puppies Miami are a joy to train right from the get-go. Start by working with your pup on socialization and acclimating him to family, friends and other pets. GSDs are also one of the easiest dogs to housetrain. As your puppy grows, consider obedience training to supplement your efforts at home, especially if you’re a first-time owner.

You’ll Never Worry About Safety

As your German Shepherd gets older and becomes part of the family, you’ll always be safe. Not only is their appearance enough to send a potential threat in the other direction, they are very protective of their family. They’re also intelligent enough to tell the difference between a menace and friends to whom they’ve been introduced. To your benefit, they’re extremely adept at sensing when someone is up to no-good.

They’re Great Exercise Companions

You love a good workout and guess who else does, too? Your German Shepherd dog! Whether you’re into walking, running, hiking or swimming, your dog wants to participate. German Shepherds have high energy levels and need vigorous activity every day. As well as physical exercise, be sure to challenge your dog mentally by playing fetch, tug-of-war and hidden treat games.

It’s a Rewarding Experience

Making a German Shepherd part of your family is a decision you’ll never regret. In fact, you’ll wish you had done it sooner. Training your dog will be a positively rewarding experience and your dog will pay you back with years of protection, loyalty and companionship.

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