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Garden Lites

We all know that sometimes as hard as we try we just can’t seem to get the correct amount of veggies needed daily. Or maybe you are like me and have a couple of picky eaters who are convinced that they just don’t like veggies no matter what. Now with these delicious Garden Lites products, you can feel better about what you are eating or serving your children.

Garden Lites is on a mission to create DELICIOUS foods that are truly healthy because every one of our products is veggie-rich with vegetables as its first ingredient.  Why veggies?  Because the one message on health that has never changed is “eat your vegetables”.

We offer foods made with clean/simple ingredients, but go a step further to deliver the nutrition consumers are seeking. As pioneers in this movement, Garden Lites is bringing solutions that meet the next stage in the ever evolving consumer definition of healthy food – delicious veggie-rich foods.

My kids and I love starting our day with the homestyle waffles which are made with 30% veggies, and you can’t even tell. In the afternoons when I’m in a hurry, I will grab their Superfood Veggie Cakes that I can just grab, than microwave and go. They are made with ingredients such as zucchini and carrots as well as blueberries and oats. These are so good that even my extremely picky daughter will eat these and she loves them. The Blueberry Oat and Chocolate Muffins are so her favorite. The Chocolate and Banana Chocolate Chip muffins are my favorite to serve to my kids and their friends as after school snacks. With so many different products for breakfast, snacks or even entrees, you can easily get in several servings of veggies during the day and not get bored.

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