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#GalaxyNote7 A Must Have For Mommies @BestBuy

My dad and I are a like in many ways! We both have dark hair, dark eyes, and a love for technology!  Best Buy had a booth at BlogHer this year featuring the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7!! Talk about falling in love!! The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It can do so much! I honestly believe that when Samsung came out with this they were thinking of me…well mommies in general!

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Like for instance, the iris scanner for security. No one can unlock your phone and use it but you! This is perfect for mommies like me who don’t want their kids sneaking on to it to play. Not only does it protect from your kiddos but also strangers! (Stranger Danger! LOL) 


The fact a lone that it’s waterproof is a life-saver. I have been through so many phones because they decided that they needed to go for a swim. (You can guess that my kids had a hand in helping the phones going swimming.) The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and its stylus pen are both waterproof in up to 5 ft of water, and for around 30 minutes.

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The Galaxy Note  7 camera is perfect for taking pictures of the kids. It works great and makes it where there is one less than for me to carry around. I just had a baby this summer and if you have an infant you know they require a lot of stuff. The camera has a 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor that coordinates with a brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4µm pixels to take photos whenever and however your little heart desires! 

I could talk forever about this phone. It has so many great options that will make everyone happy. I just got a new phone this Christmas, but my husband is due for a new one. I am thinking he can take my phone and I can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. There’s nothing wrong with that is there?


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