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Fun and Educational Theme Parks

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Fun and Educational Theme Parks

There are over 400 amusement parks in the US with more than 290 million visitors each year, we really are spoiled for choice, but can you combine fun and education? As theme parks battle for your dollars several have worked out that there is a market that appreciates fun combined with learning to provide a more worthy experience.

Kids love animals of all kinds but especially aquatic ones and any theme park that offers dolphins flying through the air, sea lions performing a waltz and killer whales doing acrobatics has to be a winner. Buy your kids Miami Seaquarium Tickets now for them to experience a world-class marine-life entertainment. Here they can find out all about aquatic mammals; where they come from and what they eat, and have a day to remember at the same time. The park has been thoughtfully planned out with families in mind and offers plenty of seating, good quality restaurants and a map with show times so that you can plan your day. Make sure that you get photos of the little ones with the Macaws sitting on their heads as you go in.

Lego is enjoying a huge revival at the moment, especially with the new film just coming out, so a trip to Legoland is sure to be a big hit with your children. The educational toy was first manufactured in Denmark in 1949 and enough has been made for 81 bricks for every man, woman and child on the planet. There are two parks, one in Florida and the other in California. As well as the usual rides there is an imagination zone that includes features where kids can build and program computerised robots, or build a Lego car and test it on the timed track.

Of course the park that everyone thinks of that has education at its heart has to be Epcot in Florida; part of Walt Disney World it opened in October 1982 and covers 300 acres of land. Here children, and adults, can immerse themselves in technical innovations and culture from around the world, which has lead to it being described as a permanent Worlds fair. The World Showcase Adventure has kids using customised cell phones, Kimmunicators, to solve crimes and battle evil global domination as they explore the different pavilions, lead by a series of clues and events triggered by the hand held devices.

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