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From the History of the Internet to Torrenting Site Technology

The internet is a place that has developed into a powerful force. This is because it has kept up to date with technology. The web has not stayed as a place for solely military communications but has been made available to the masses to make use of. Then the expanding connectivity of the internet, with the ever-increasing internet providers in my area bringing the internet to every home, has developed into not just a means for us to communicate in diverse ways, but to enjoy movies and games differently.


In modern times, we will increasingly want more from our internet. We demand from it increasingly better experiences when it comes to entertainment. We will, for example, seek out the best torrenting sites. Torrenting is the action of uploading or downloading your files through the BitTorrent network. This is instead of downloading them via a central server. Technology has moved on, and we shall explain later on in this article the benefits of torrenting. However, let us explore some history, to begin with.

What is the Difference Between the World Wide Web and the Internet?

To understand better how the internet has developed over time we should understand the difference between the world wide web and the internet. Often shortened to “web”, the world wide web consists of the pages that you view on a device while you are online. This compares to the internet, which is a network of computers all connected to make the web work. The two cannot act alone. They allow for communications to take place and for us to share social media posts and gaming activities with others.

Who Invented the World Wide Web and the Internet?

British scientist Tim Berners-Lee is credited with inventing the world wide web. This was achieved in 1989 while he was working at CERN. In 2004, Berners-Lee was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his work and is currently an advisor for the social network MeWe.

The internet started as ARPANET, which was an academic research network that was financed by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). In other words, it was funded by the military. ARPA is now known as DARPA. This early project was led by the ARPA administrator Bob Taylor, and the network was built by consulting firm Bolt, Beranek, and Newman.

This is how it all began.

How Internet Services Have Developed

The most popular internet service currently is streaming. This is whether you are a gamer or movie lover. You can stream your entertainment as opposed to having to own it in a case that will use space in your bedroom or living room.

Streaming began as “video on demand” in the 1990s. it later became known as “live video on IP networks”. The streaming of videos began with Starlight Networks. Real Networks started an audio streaming service.

It was later that the steaming of video games happened. Livestreaming of video games began with WSBN. They streamed a competitive Starseige Tribes match using Windows Media Encoder. It was streamed to around 50 people in 2001. During the mid-2010s, it was popular on sites like Twitch.

The most streamed game ever was viewed on Twitch and, of course, League of Legends. As of February 2022, LoL has been viewed worldwide more than 48.1 billion times. This is phenomenal and online gaming is becoming increasingly popular as the years move on. Online gaming is something that can be done from a computer that is located anywhere. It is good to have a gaming VPN, though, when you want the combination of more privacy and better connectivity speed. Conventional VPNs can get blocked by some games otherwise. Through gaming on our PC, we can interact with others from around the world as we play along with a new set of like-minded friends.

In the late 70s and 80s, video games would only be experienced in arcades, on LED or LCD hand-held devices, and through tape-loading computer setups, but these days the games, with far superior graphics and sound, can be played on large screens while being streamed down your internet connection. There is not that need to go out to an arcade and put money in the machine per play or to wait for the game to load slowly via a cassette player. We can, instead, pay a subscription fee and have a range of games available to us at home each month. We can also share the playing experience and pleasure of those games over the internet rather than having to be in the same room as someone else playing. How much we invest in home gaming will determine the level of our experience and our success rates in competitions.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has provided PC users with on-demand availability when it comes to information. It is a central store which means that data can be more secure than when stored by individuals in insecure settings or those with fire risks. Cloud computing also makes remote access easier, which is invaluable when working from home, when you cannot attend the office. Then home users can make use of cloud computing when it comes to storing their photographic images and videos, which will otherwise assume a lot of file space.

Torrenting Services

To explore the very latest technology is to consider torrenting services further. As mentioned, this avoids a central server when accessing movie or game content online.

The advantage of torrenting services is that what you are trying to download will be easy to access, you can have a choice of which file you want to download first, and the process can always be resumable. Torrenting also allows for remote downloads. The downloading speeds achieved by this method cannot be bettered by direct downloading.

We hope that you have found the history of the world wide web and internet development interesting. Don’t forget to check out those torrenting sites and see what the latest internet providers in my area to see what they offer when it comes to downloading or uploading.