Four Tips for Remaining Active in Old Age
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Four Tips for Remaining Active in Old Age

Many people associate old age with gradual physical and mental decline and the inevitable slowing down of the human body. Whilst there is no way that you can halt the natural progression of life, it is possible, through careful planning when you are younger, to enjoy an active life well into old age. Here are four tips for remaining active in old age.

  1. Follow a healthy diet

Following a healthy diet really is the cornerstone of ensuring that you enjoy good health throughout your life and remain active into your 60s, 70s, and beyond. Though you may not experience the effects of poor eating immediately, you are nevertheless storing up problems that will hit you as you grow older. For instance, a diet that is high in salt and saturated fats can eventually lead to heart disease, a debilitating condition that can ruin your old age. To lower your risk factor for such conditions, ensure that you follow a healthy, balanced diet that is rich in fresh fruit and vegetables and low in processed foods, sugar, salt, and saturated fats. 

  1. Consider moving to a retirement community

Joining a retirement community can be a massive help in keeping you active and sociable in old age. Indeed, residents at Rockville senior living say that the community feel and increased social opportunities is one of the biggest factors in choosing a retirement community. You become a valuable part of a ready-made community consisting of other residents who are a similar age to yourself, and regular events and trips are organized to allow you to socialize and have fun with your new friends. Furthermore, many retirement communities have a gym schedule consisting of senior-friendly exercise classes designed to maximize your physical condition and keep you active.

  1. Remain mentally stimulated

Keeping your brain active can help to ward off cognitive deterioration, like dementia. Remain mentally stimulated by pursuing a hobby you enjoy, such as woodwork or French evening classes, and regularly socializing with friends and family. Give your brain a daily workout by completing brain teaser puzzles like a Sudoku or your newspaper’s daily crossword. 

  1. Continue to exercise 

Like healthy eating, life-long regular exercise is key in remaining healthy and active into old age; however, it is never too late to start exercising and enjoy the benefits it has for your physical and mental health. Although you may no longer be physically capable of carrying out high-intensity workouts like interval training and long bike rides, you can remain physically active by switching to a gentler exercise regime. Pursue low-intensity exercises, like swimming and Pilates, that are less stressful on the ageing body. 

Swimming provides excellent exercise for an older person, as despite providing a full-body aerobic workout, the water supports the weight of the body, relieving pressure on ageing joints. Likewise, Pilates aims to improve strength, flexibility, and balance, all of which you may struggle with as you get older. 

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge necessary to live a fulfilling retirement.

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