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Food Should Taste Good – The go to Snack

food should taste good

Eating healthy is hard to do anymore. There are tons of food that taste ten times better than “healthy food”. However Food Should Taste Good thought different and came up with a wide variety of chips that not only are healthy for you but taste good! Go figure 🙂

I have a very picky eater in my family and it’s extremely hard to get him to eat anything let alone of it’s healthy for you. That’s why I was very pleased when I saw the wide variety of flavor options that Food Should Taste Good had. My husband loved the Jalapeno. My son a.k.a. picky eater loved the cheddar ones. My daughter and I both really liked the white cheddar ones. I asked my son what he thought and he said “it’s crunchy(he’s big on texture) and it reminds me of cats (Cheetos). When he asked for more I knew I had a winner! As a mom, I am always concerned about my children eating right. So the fact that these are healthy is a huge winner for me!!

food should taste good

Here are a couple important facts about Food Should Taste Good:

  • all natural
  • certified gluten free
  • certified kosher
  • low sodium
  • good source of fiber
  • cholesterol free
  • no msg
  • no trans fat (Secretly that’s my favorite part, because these taste  like chips but they are better for you!!)
  • no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • excelent source of whole grains

Food Should Taste Good have become the go to snack in this house. They are mom and kid approved for many reason. They are healthy and well like the name states they taste good! What’s your favorite after school snack for your little one? What ways do you trick your little one to eat healthier?

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