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Five Tips in Growing Sativa Dominant Seeds

When growing Sativa dominant seeds, aim for a tabletop canopy. A flat tabletop canopy results in bigger yields. Sativa plants respond well to low-stress training. Once they get up and running, they will grow fast and produce large crops without stress. Growing Sativas should be performed with care.

Sativa Dominant Seeds

Growing cannabis in warmer climates

Although some cannabis strains thrive in warm, dry conditions, they may not tolerate high heat and humidity. In hot climates, marijuana plants may experience root rot and blight. The presence of anaerobic bacteria around the roots may make the soil less oxygenated and increase the disease risk. In addition, the plants’ poor resistance to stress and low yields result from hot conditions. 

Use the right grow medium. Most cannabis strains don’t like hot climates, so choose one suited to your area. Auto-flowering strains, for example, can flower independently, eliminating the need for nights to trigger flowering. In addition, plants grow well in coco coir or soil with a high-pile, loose structure. Using a mix of these materials can help combat heat stress.

Choosing a Sativa-dominant strain

Sativa-dominant strains are typically taller than indicas, and their buds have marbled patterns. In addition, they grow more slowly, are more challenging to grow indoors, and tend to have lower yields. However, if you plan to grow your cannabis outdoors, you should consider developing a Sativa-dominant strain.

Both Indica and Sativa-dominant cannabis seeds have their benefits, each with its pros and cons. Some are more suited for commercial cultivation, while others are more suited for home use. In addition, indica-dominant varieties produce a higher THC concentration, while Sativa-dominant strains produce a higher level of CBD.

Pruning sativas

When growing marijuana, you must first understand how to prune Sativa-dominant seeds correctly. Pruning is essential for high-yielding sativas. Following proper pruning tips can increase your plants’ yield and improve their structure. 

The first pruning technique to learn is apical pruning. This technique involves cutting back the main stem of the cannabis plant to stimulate side branches and increase the yield. If you want a plant with the highest output, you must prune it before it has three main components. The cut should be clean and made just above the two lowermost branches of the plant. The top of the plant should be kept at least a few inches tall.

Fertilizing sativas

While a Sativa dominant plant will benefit from fertilizing with a Sativa nutrient solution, many people do not know how to do it correctly. This guide will walk you through the basic steps of fertilizing Sativa seeds.

Sativa-dominant plants typically have a shorter veg stage than indicas so they can go longer between feedings. They also tend to do best when light levels are kept low and fed less frequently. A sativa’s flowering ability is often degraded by over-fertilizing, so you’ll want to keep the levels of fertilizer low. A five or ten-gallon grow box will allow healthy growth during this stage of your plant’s life. In addition, they need a calm, dry environment below 85°F, and around 55-65 percent RH.

Choosing a cheaper strain

While Indica-dominant marijuana strains provide a relaxed, couch-locked high, Sativa-dominant cannabis strains are more energetic and creative. However, while both have health benefits, sativa strains take grow longer and produce fewer flowers. Therefore, weighing the cost and desired effects is essential before purchasing a marijuana seed. In addition, you’ll need to decide which type of weed you’d like to grow.

While many seed breeders claim their weed strains are identical or genetically identical, this is not always the case. Some producers simply create names for their weed strains as a branding exercise. Others believe their product fits their target market’s expectations and is therefore worth buying. However, if you’re looking for high-quality cannabis seeds, look for a reliable source that consistently produces consistent strains of cannabis. Even though each person reacts differently to cannabis, choosing a constant strain in its composition and quality is essential.