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How To Have The Most Festive Easter Ever

Easter is one of the most upbeat holidays in existence. As a springtime holiday, it’s the best way to mark the ending of the cold winter months and the beginning of spring and summer. Even if you aren’t particularly religious, Easter is still a great way to celebrate the return of sunny days.

If you want to make this Easter one to remember, then consider these tips on how to have the most festive Easter ever. All of these tips are sure to banish the winter blues and make you feel cheery again.

Take Your Easter Decor To The Next Level

If you aren’t decorating your house for Easter, you’re missing out. Unlike Christmas decorations, Easter decorations are all about bright, pastel colors. Try swapping out your dark colored afghans and throw pillows for similar items in lighter hues. This is also a perfect time to swap out your heavy curtains for lighter, translucent options. This simple step takes your home from “dreary winter” to “sunny springtime” almost instantly.

When it comes to Easter decorations, look for motifs of bunnies and chicks to instantly brighten up your space. One of the best ways to give your home an Easter feel is by putting faux or real flowers into white ceramic vases and scattering them throughout your home. It’s also a great idea to change up the scent of your home. Switch out those cinnamon candles for floral scented ones to instantly bring the smell of spring into your house.

The days leading up to Easter are also a perfect time to do your spring cleaning. Crank up some music and strategically clean your house, tossing things that you aren’t using anymore. Something about a top-to-bottom spring house cleaning just screams Easter. When you finish off your spring cleaning by setting up your Easter and spring decor, you’ll instantly feel livelier and lighter. This is truly the best way to ring in the spring season and shake off the last remnants of winter.

Plan The Perfect Easter Party

Easter parties are wonderful because they frequently mark the first time all year that guests can congregate outdoors. An Easter party is all about cheerful decorations and fun activities, such as Easter egg hunts, for the kids. Try throwing a daytime potluck party for your closest friends and family members to ring in Easter and the beginning of spring.

Give The Perfect Gifts

Easter baskets are a staple of celebrating this festive holiday. Easter baskets can be purchased pre-assembled or you can buy a basket and put it together yourself. Don’t think that it’s just kids who like receiving Easter baskets. These can be great springtime gifts for adults, too. If you want to give an Easter basket to someone who lives far away, consider an Easter basket delivery service such as, which delivers Easter gift baskets any where in Montreal. Young or old, a festive basket brightens up anyone’s day and is a truly thoughtful gift for a person that you love.

Dress For Festivities

If you still feel a bit of the winter blues, then it’s time to give your wardrobe a boost. Put your heavy winter coats into storage and break out some lighter fare. The Easter season is a perfect time to do some clothing shopping that will get you ready for the warm months ahead. If you want to break out of your winter rut, avoid clothing in black or dark hues. Instead, pick out some lighter colored garments, which will instantly put a little pep in your step and give you a boost.

Easter is the perfect holiday to mark the beginning of spring and spend time with the people you love. This year, try diving into Easter and enjoying the holiday for all that it’s worth. This is a great way to enjoy time with loved ones and boost your mood.

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