Fantastic Reasons to Visit Thailand
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Fantastic Reasons to Visit Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country known for its merging of traditional Asian culture with other cultural evidence seen throughout. This eclectic place is an ideal travel destination that includes many glorious ancient Asian sites mixed with rural villages that retain their deep rooted way of life. Tourists can visit this country’s capital city of Bangkok to experience the only larger cosmopolitan city in this mesmerizing land of spectacular scenes. Here, the city boasts amazing modern amenities delivered with the premier customer service that this culture is well known for. See some intriguing cultural shows, or wander through the lively shops, markets and museums for a taste of Asian traditions mixed with western conveniences.


Take time to explore the many smaller villages nestled quaintly in the hillsides. See firsthand the golden Buddha statues and beautiful temples. Feel the luster of finely woven fabrics dyed in vibrant colours. Shop for hours among the bustling busyness that a small country with a large population exhibits. Find one-of-a-kind handmade treasures sold by poor village inhabitants. Enter some out-of-the-way exotic places where time has seemed to stand still. Take in the majestic Grand Palace situated for centuries in Bangkok. Experience a real life Khantoke cultural show complete with a savory dinner.

Learn to make wonderfully fragrant spiced Thai food by taking available Thai cooking classes offered by local cooks. Visit the Patong where sensational beach side resorts offer high end accommodations. While there, have some lively fun by enjoying the nightlife scene. Head to the Phi Phi Islands for pristine beaches, elegant resorts and water adventures including scuba diving. Spot an intricate Riverside temple that is a landmark with its recognizable spire. In Chiang Mai, experience a full-day elephant park tour with lunch. Catch the striking Doi Suthep temple site, and relax on a guided river cruise out of Bangkok.

Thailand is a country of profound beauty so real it is raw. Colors are brighter, architecture is intricate and dazzling, often combining shades of yellows, blues and reds topped with golden detailed roofs. While in Bangkok, plan to visit an actual floating marketplace that has villagers selling their wares from rudimentary boats. Railay Beach is a true tropical paradise that has no roads or obstacles to mar its pristine beauty. Just north of Bangkok, a must-see site are the ruins of Ayutthaya that was once touted as a wealthy trade center. See the combined architectural heritage with Persian and several other ancient civilizations now a reminder of how far Siam fell.

With so many outstanding adventures and glorious things to see in Thailand, it is typically easier to book a tour with one of many exciting Thailand Vacation Packages.

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  1. That’s somewhere I’d love to visit. All the beautiful places and people and yummy food.

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